Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode #02

Well, it’s been a long time since Yoshika Miyafuji fought a Neuroi although she’s using a faulty Striker Unit which would fail at any minute.

And when it fails, Yoshika-chan will simply plummet into the sea which she’ll drown to death…

…or a stricken battleship like the Doge in which Miyafuji crash-landed onto it.

Fortunately, the crew managed to rescue Yoshika Miyafuji but the problem is that her Striker Unit will need some quick repairs.

Unfortunately, the Iceberg Neuroi won’t just ram onto the city as it launches missiles that would target a fortress near Antwerpen, Belgica.

And seriously, the city is pretty much undefended now that Fort Scheldt has fallen. Man, if only the Strike Witches are here.

But for now, it’s up to Yoshika Miyafuji to stop the Neuroi as the mechanics told her to take the Striker Unit easy as it can’t handle more than 2000 RPM.

Yeah, Miyafuji can’t just fly hard or the engine would stall, but she’s the only one who can stop the enemy before reinforcements arrive.

Now then, Yoshika-chan will tackle the Iceberg Neuroi before reaching Antwerpen as she’ll use her magic to create a barrier.

Oh, and she’ll just punch right through the thick wall in order to destroy the core.

On second thought, it appears that the Neuroi knew that Miyafuji is coming and therefore fires a powerful beam that would kill her.

Well, it’s not like Yoshika-chan will die anyway as she survived, but Miyafuji failed to destroy the core. Man, if only the 501st Joint Fighter Wing arrived in time…

Fortunately, looks like Yoshika Miyafuji has finally got some backup as Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Gertrud Barkhorn, and Erica Hartmann have arrived to save her.

Also, Lynette Bishop and Perrine H. Clostermann are here to thanks to Mio Sakamoto calling for backup. Man, I love when her teammates return!

Oh wait, there’s more as Francesca Lucchini has arrived, but where’s Charlotte E. Yeager?

Oh, Shirley is here too as she proceeds to destroy those Neuroi missiles from hitting the city. Still, they have to stop the core before it destroys Antwerpen.

But speaking of the Neuroi, the core managed to detach itself from the iceberg. Could it be that it’s retreating?

Fortunately, someone fired a missile which completely destroys the core. Wait, is Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen and Sanya V. Litvyak have arrived?

Why yes, they’ve finally arrived to finish the enemy. Looks like the team is finally assembled!

However, it appears that Yoshika’s Striker Unit finally stalled and she’s about to go down. Who’s gonna save her now?

Well, there’s one witch who managed to rescue Miyafuji, but it’s not Mio Sakamoto since she already lost her magic powers.

Rather, it’s Shizuka Hattori and it’s been a long time since I saw her from the movie. Anyways, looks like the Neuroi is defeated.

On second thought, it appears that the iceberg crashed onto Antwerpen where its ports are destroyed. I hope that there are no casualties.

Now then, looks like the Doge crew are safe as Captain Carlo Grimani is here to hug his own daughter Altia.

For Altia, she’s happy that her father is safe. You may thank Yoshika Miyafuji and the rest of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing on saving the Doge crew.

However, it appears that Antwerpen will have a massive reconstruction, especially the port where it’s a vital supply line for various witches across the world.

One last thing, Commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke will announce a new witch into the squad that would replace the now-retired Mio Sakamoto. Well, you’ve probably know who she is.

It’s actually Shizuka Hattori where she’s happy to join Yoshika Miyafuji in the front lines. And with that, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing is finally restored.

Of course, they have to make some big preparations for the upcoming operation to liberate the Karlsland Empire from the Neuroi threat.

Well then, I’ll see you next time and really, I’m glad that the whole cast is back!

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