Adachi to Shimamura Episode #02

Well, it’s time to introduce this peculiar character as the astronaut’s name is Yashiro Chikama.

You see, the reason why Yashiro is on Earth is because she’s currently finding her companion.

Then again, it seems that the tiny astronaut will spend her time fishing as she didn’t eat anything ever since landing on Earth. Nonetheless, this anime has gone into extraterrestrial beings in addition to slice-of-life.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Hougetsu Shimamura is eating a donut. Pretty normal, right?

Well, that’s until Shimamura decides to share it to Sakura Adachi where she thinks about getting an indirect kiss. Oh Adachi, just take it ’cause you know you want it!

That’s right Adachi, you really want to eat Shimamura’s donut so badly. But you know what, I think Adachi wants to kiss Shimamura but she needs to have the right moment.

Then again, she won’t have it right now ’cause Yashiro Chikama is here.

While Hougetsu Shimamura already met this tiny astronaut, it’s the first time that Sakura Adachi met Yashiro Chikama.

Oh yeah, it looks like Shimamura gave her donut to Chikama, but I wonder how will she eat it? Will this astronaut remove her helmet?

Nah, Yashiro Chikama will just lift her helmet up a bit and munch the donut. Dang, what a wasted opportunity to see the astronaut’s face.

Now let’s focus on Sakura Adachi where I’m surprised that she’s working part-time at a ramen restaurant. Come to think of it, is she came from a poor family?

However, it appears that Adachi saw Hougetsu Shimamura coming into the restaurant together with her family. Yeah, Shimamura is surprised that her friend is a part-time worker.

But hey, Hougetsu Shimamura is ecstatic that Sakura Adachi looks great while wearing a cheongsam at work.

Still, it’s amazing that Adachi has a part-time job but I’m worried about her high school life.

One last thing, looks like Sakura Adachi was invited by Shimamura to her house. I wonder if they’re gonna do intimate things at Hougetsu’s room?

Oh, seems that Hougetsu Shimamura decides to let Sakura Adachi sit in front of her, although Adachi is really shy when she’s near Shimamura. Oh please Adachi, are you gonna kiss Shimamura? If not, when?

Anyways, looks like the lilies are starting to bloom on this series and I can’t wait to see these two girls getting intimate in future episodes. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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