Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode #03

Well look what we have here, Karin Asaka has returned to the student council office and this time, she brought Kanata Konoe, Emma Verde, and Shizuku Osaka as Karin-sempai asked Nana Nakagawa to reinstate the school idol club.

Of course, the student council president will refuse their demands… until Karin Asaka told about Setsuna Yuki where it turns out that she and Nana Nakagawa are one and the same.

That’s right folks, Nana Nakagawa is actually Setsuna Yuki and I have to say that she’s living the double life as both student council president and school idol. Then again, Setsuna doesn’t want to return her life as a school idol, especially when she got a heated argument with Kasumi Nakasu.

Meanwhile, here’s Yuu Takasaki where she performs “CHASE” on the piano. Wow, our protagonist is very talented that she’s fitting as the producer of the school idol club!

Oh yeah, here’s Nana Nakagawa where the student council president told Yuu to get out of the music room as she doesn’t have permission to use the piano. Oh c’mon Nana, don’t be such a buzzkill.

On the other hand, Yuu Takasaki asked Nana Nakagawa if she’s a fan of Setsuna Yuki. Then again, Yuu has no idea that she’s dealing with the school idol in student council president’s clothing.

Well, until Karin Asaka told everyone that Nana Nakagawa and Setsuna Yuki are the same person.

Yeah, even Kasumin couldn’t believe that the student council president is a school idol! Too bad that Setsuna won’t return as a school idol ever again.

That’s until Yuu Takasaki decided to talk to Nana… or should I say Setsuna personally. After all, Setsuna is the only one who pulled Yuu into the world of school idols in the first place.

Now then, I’m gonna call her Setsuna Yuki at this point as she’s here at the rooftop where Yuu Takasaki wants to talk to her.

And here’s Yuu where she’s convincing Setsuna to return to the stage as a school idol, but she refused as Setsuna will get into conflicts towards her fellow members, especially when it comes to Love Live! in which Setsuna is aiming for it.

Oh Setsuna Yuki, you want to compete to Love Live! tournament, huh? Then again, she needs to make amends with Kasumi Nakasu first before aiming big.

On the other hand, Yuu Takasaki doesn’t care about the Love Live! School Idol tournament for the time being as she really wants Setsuna Yuki to dance and sing again. That’s all that matters to her.

And sure that Setsuna Yuki is worried about alienating her teammates again, I feel that she’ll be fine because it’s okay for Setsuna to become passionate and achieve greater heights. What’s important is that she and the rest of her fellow school idols must co-exists despite having different personalities.

Now then, I think it’s time for Setsuna Yuki to do an impromptu performance at the rooftop as she’ll return to the stage as a school idol.

Oh, and pyrotechnics as Setsuna sets the school on fire! Actually, it’s Yuu’s imagination running wild again but it’s nice to see Setsuna return.

And everyone is happy and surprised that Setsuna Yuki is actually a student of Nijigasaki High School.

Wait, what about Nana Nakagawa? Oh, they’ll eventually learn about it down the line…

Meanwhile, looks like these two students are interested of becoming school idols. Oh, I can’t wait for these two girls sing and dance in the future.

Anyways, Setsuna Yuki’s performance is a success as Yuu Takasaki hugs her. Oh I hope Ayumu Uehara won’t see this as she’s secretly possessive towards Yuu-chan.

Well, there’s Kasumi Nakasu where she’s still angry towards Setsuna Yuki for closing down the club in the first place.

Oh please Kasuka- I mean Kasumin, bury down the hatchet on your grudge towards Setsuna-chan. I mean, you can still look cute while Setsuna can remain passionate.

But yes, the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is finally reinstated at the end of this episode. Well, not yet reinstated until the student council president signs the decree that the club is officially back in business.

Still, this is just the beginning for Yuu Takasaki and her friends as they need to rebuild the club first before aiming for something big… like the Love Live! School Idol tournament where every school idol group across Japan is aiming to win it.

But that’s a long way so until then, let’s see who will join the school idol club next time.

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