Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom Episode #02

On this episode, I introduce you to Lapin, the famous phantom thief who steals various jewelry and runs away from the police.

Oh and it’s Cocoa Hoto’s favorite show where she told Chino Kafuu on how awesome Lapin is. Anyways, let’s get on with the show!

Now then, here’s both Maya Jouga and Megumi Natsu where they’re supposed to visit a haunted house beside Ama Usa An, but it’s actually Sharo Kirima’s shed as she told the girls that there are no ghosts inside.

Well, there is one… in the form of Chiya Ujimatsu. Actually, Chiya-chan is just wearing a ghost costume as she’s planning to scare Sharo-chan.

Then again, her plan worked which is why Sharo-chan fainted after seeing a ghost.

Of course, there’s more to come as Megu and Maya hosted a test of courage at the forest as they told Chiya and Sharo to reach the end and don’t get scared.

Well, the only thing that Sharo-chan would be afraid of will be rabbits… except for Wild Geese though because she got used to that feral rabbit.

Other than her fear of rabbits, Sharo is unfazed when being sprayed by a water gun.

Oh and Rize Tedeze couldn’t make everyone scream just by squirting water on them. It would be better if Rize let out a herd of rabbits.

Well, seems that Sharo encountered rabbits that she ran away as quickly as possible, but Sharo-chan tripped which prompted Chiya-chan to save her.

Except that Chiya-chan tripped and fell face-first into the puddle of mud. Poor girls, now they’re pretty much sullied during the test of courage.

Oh and here’s Cocoa-san where she tries to scare Chino-chan, but I don’t think she’ll find Chino in the forest.

Instead, Cocoa encountered a ghost that looks like Chiya-chan… which turns out that she’s actually Chiya Ujimatsu. There goes her plan to scare Chino-chan.

Also, Cocoa Hoto tripped and fell into the ground. Looks like this test of courage is officially cancelled.

Oh, and everyone is here as they’re worried about Cocoa-san and the rest who might have gotten lost in the woods. But that’s about it for this episode!

Well actually, we’re not done yet as we have Sharo Kirima who’s dressed-up as the Phantom Thief Lapin.

And as you can see, everyone loves Lapin and I have to say that Sharo did a great job of capturing the spirit of Lapin very well.

Unfortunately for Sharo-chan, Cocoa Hoto is here where she claimed that she’s actually the real Lapin. Oh Cocoa-san, are you gonna steal Sharo’s job?

Heck, even Sharo-chan called her out for that stunt. But that’s about it for this episode as I’ll see you next time!

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