Kamisama ni Natta Hi Episode #02

Oh look, the Narukami household has finally accepted Odin as their guest as Tokiko-san welcomes her with open arms. Then again, I don’t think Odin is her real name.

For you see, she’s actually Hina Sato but this girl wants to be called as Odin. Seriously though, I doubt that she’s actually a god.

On the other hand, here’s Daichi-san where Youta’s father finally accepts Odin. Seriously, why is everyone took Odin to their house without contacting her parents… if she has one?

Fortunately, not all of them accepts Odin wholeheartedly as Youta’s little sister Sora is very skeptical about her presence. I mean, Hina “Odin” Sato felt like a weirdo while wearing a nun costume.

Alright, it’s time for some activity as Odin instructs Youta to make a movie in order to convey his feelings towards Kyouko Izanami even though she rejected him.

Then again, I think it’ll be worse for Youta Narukami as despite the fact that they’re making abridged versions of Apollo 13 and Rocky, with the latter having Youta’s father and his best friend Ashura Kokuhou, his acting won’t convince Kyouko no matter what.

But hey, at least Sora is excited to make a film about her pathetic brother for shits and giggles.

Poor Youta-kun, not only he got rejected by his childhood friend, but his sister is making fun of his misery.

Now then, time for a change of plan as Odin decided to teach Youta how to play the piano. Gotta say that despite claiming to be a god, she’s actually talented when it comes to music.

Now, the only thing she needs to do is to pass her knowledge to Youta Narukami but it’s not gonna be easy for him to learn how to play the piano in such a short time.

However, it appears that Youta Narukami managed to play the piano for Kyouko Izanami. Then again, she still rejects him despite the fact that Youta’s piano performance is somewhat passable.

But speaking of Kyouko Izanami, I think the reason why she’s rejecting Youta’s advances is because she lost her parents at a young age. So no matter how he tries to convey his feelings, Kyouko’s heart will remain closed because of that unfortunate event.

In any case, looks like Youta Narukami is pretty much defeated at the end of this episode. I guess he won’t get any chance of getting Kyouko Izanami’s heart.

However, this is not the end of this episode as there’s still more…

You see, it appears that Sora returned home completely bruised that she’s being carried by her friend.

I don’t know if she got into an accident or something worse than that, but this is a bad omen right here.

But yes, we’re gonna end this episode right here as we have 28 days left before the world will end as we know it. And seriously, I’m worried about Sora as she suffered a lot after having a good time making videos during this episode.

I’ll see you next time and while I’m still doubtful about Hina Sato’s claim as a god, this is just the beginning of Youta’s ordeal.

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