Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode #03

Oh look, it’s General Geraldo S. Patton in which he’s really pissed that the Neuroi attack at a port in Antwerpen has ruined their plan of liberating Berlin.

And while General Oscar Newson Bradley tries to calm him down, Geraldo S. Patton can’t do that because the operation has hit a major setback. With that said, the only thing that the high command will do right now is to rebuild their supply lines.

Now then, it’s time for Shizuka Hattori’s formal inclusion to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, but it appears that Shizuka made a klutzy entrance where she tripped.

Oh, and the rest of them couldn’t bear to watch as Hattori tumbled down where her cute buttocks is showing to everyone.

But you know what, despite making an embarrassing entrance, I wonder if Shizuka can go toe-to-toe against the toughest Neuroi in Europe?

Oh, she’s struggling to keep up with the rest of the witches. Seems that Shizuka Hattori fared better when Yoshika Miyafuji is around.

But speaking of Miyafuji, it appears that she lost power on her Striker Unit and fell down into the ocean.

Well, good thing Lynette Bishop and Perrine H. Clostermann are here to lift her up, but the thing that worries me is that Yoshika can’t fly right now as her magic pressure is unstable. This means that she can’t use her barrier and fly at the same time.

Gotta say that the Strike Witches suffered a major blow as Yoshika Miyafuji can’t use her Striker Unit, while Shizuka Hattori is not ready to fight against the Neuroi on her own power.

Oh and it gets even worse when the 501st Joint Fighter Wing are engaged in battle against a Neuroi which split into two.

Unfortunately for Gertrud Barkhorn and the rest, they’re fighting against decoys in which they can’t take them down and they strayed far away from their base.

Oh yeah, and here’s the real Neuroi in which it’ll target the Strike Witches’ air base. Basically, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke is the only one who can defend the base.

Of course, the commander won’t let either Yoshika Miyafuji or Shizuka Hattori to sortie since they’re having problems. I mean, Yoshika can’t fly and fight, while Shizuka is lousy without her compatriot around.

That’s where Shizuka Hattori propose to combine her powers with Yoshika Miyafuji. Basically, they’ll fly together as a single unit.

But anyways, the Neuroi has finally arrived as Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke wasted no time on destroying its shell until the core is exposed.

And here’s both Yoshika Miyafuji and Shizuka Hattori as they fight together to destroy the Neuroi’s core. While Yoshika concentrate on making barriers, Shizuka will spray the core with bullets.

But thanks to the combined efforts of both Miyafuji and Hattori, the core is destroyed which means that all 3 Neurois are defeated.

Looks like their air base is safe but there’s a secret on why Yoshika and Shizuka managed to stop the Neuroi.

Well you see, Yoshika Miyafuji loves grabbing breasts or rather, she loves having someone’s tits being pressed on her back.

Of course, that doesn’t sit well on Shizuka Hattori as she reprimanded Yoshika Miyafuji for sexual harassment. Oh, and Hattori is gonna train Miyafuji hard until she can fly and fight again.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as the Strike Witches will make preparations on liberating Berlin. Then again, the operation will happen on the final episode.

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