Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom Episode #04

Hey everyone, it’s Cocoa Hoto and Chiya Ujimatsu as they dress up as rich schoolgirls, much like Rize Tedeza and Sharo Kirima. Of course, Sharo-chan is a poor girl studying at a high-class academy.

Oh yeah, and their classmates are astonished that Cocoa and Chiya can wear school uniforms from the prestigious academy. Well, it’s all thanks to the sewing club there.

But anyways, it’s time for the school festival where everyone is invited. Gotta say that the festival is very lively at Cocoa and Chiya’s school.

Oh yeah, here’s the ChiMaMe Squad, plus Rize and Sharo where they’re having fun. Then again, I’m concerned about the cute trio as Chino, Megu, and Maya are drinking beer.

Actually, turns out they’re drinking frothed apple juice so they’re not drunk. Man, they got me there!

On the other hand, looks like someone with a Tippy mask appeared in front of Chino Kafuu. Wait, I know that person who’s wearing that mask!

Still, both Chino-chan and Tippy got scared when this familiar girl chase them.

Said girl happened to be Cocoa Hoto and man, seeing her wearing a Tippy mask makes her a maniac or something dangerous.

Anyway, Cocoa-chan took off her Tippy mask as she invites her friends to the maid cafe, which is modeled after a Bavarian beer pub and therefore it has that Oktoberfest feel to it.

Also, here’s both Midori “Blue Mountain” Aoyama where she’s joined by her editor Rin Mate as Midori-sensei is busy working on her latest novel.

On the other hand, it seems that the editor is getting drunk with apple juice. Good thing Rin-san didn’t go crazy inside the maid cafe.

Oh yeah, here’s Mai the class representative as she asked Rize and Sharo to wear their school uniforms.

C’mon, Cocoa and Chiya wore those high-class school uniforms so Mai wants to return the favor to the visitors.

And strangely enough, looks like Rize Tedeza and Sharo Kirima looked cute when wearing those uniforms. Man, I wish they would transfer to Cocoa and Chiya’s school.

Regardless, they had a great time at the school festival as Cocoa and her friends went to various stalls, as well as performances at the auditorium.

As for their Oktoberfest-inspired maid cafe? It was a success where people went there to drink lots of apple juice without getting drunk… somewhat.

One more thing, it appears that Chino-chan might enroll to Cocoa and Chiya’s school as she looks at her school uniform.

Oh and Cocoa-san is getting excited that she’ll have Chino-chan as her underclasswoman. Of course, Chino might change her mind and decided to enroll to the prestigious academy, something Cocoa will be sad when she learned about it.

But that’s about it for this episode and man, I can’t wait for the ChiMaMe Squad to become high school students in the future. Of course, I want the trio to stick together till the end.

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