Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen Episode #05

Let’s start this episode where Mismis Klass found something over the horizon.

It’s a vortex where it’s emanating near Myudol Valley. Looks like they need to secure it soon.

However, there’s no need to ’cause Noro and her unit will take care of it… until Iska realized that this unit are actually spies from the Nebulis Sovereignty.

Anyways, Shanorotte Gregory and her fellow spies will take Mismis as a hostage, although they shouldn’t mess with Iska and his friends.

On the other hand, someone attacked Shanorotte’s allies without any warning. Looks like someone doesn’t like traitors within the Heavenly Empire.

But anyways, Nameless has arrived where he’ll eliminate Shanorotte Gregory and her spies. Of course, Iska is worried that Nameless will kill Mismis Klass by accident.

Meanwhile, looks like one of Shanorotte’s spies have decided to stop Nameless from killing their leader as he casts fire magic at a Saint Disciple.

And as you can see, this magic serves as a distraction for Nameless as Shanorotte Gregory got away with Mismis Klass.

Of course for Nameless, he doesn’t want anyone getting his way on crushing the Nebulis Sovereignty, even as far as sacrificing some Imperial soldiers for the greater cause.

Meanwhile, Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX and Rin Vispose are heading towards the Imperial garrison base in Myudol Valley as the Ice Calamity Witch wants to fight Iska.

But by the time they reach the base, nobody is there to greet them. On the other hand, I feel that Lady Alice and Rin are in danger of being caught by another Saint Disciple…

And it turns out, looks like someone is here to entertain both the Ice Calamity Witch and her maid. Good thing Rin managed to save Lady Alice but she got hurt pretty badly.

But anyways, here’s Nameless where he’s gonna capture the Ice Calamity Witch for the Heavenly Empire. Then again, it’s not easy to catch Lady Alice.

And speaking of Lady Alice, she’s really mad at Nameless because not only she miss her destined opponent, but her maid got injured as she lets out a powerful magic called Great Ice Calamity.

And as you can see, it covers the entire base thanks to Lady Alice’s ice magic. Yeah, no one can survive her Great Ice Calamity.

Sadly, Nameless got away but he ordered his personnel to send missiles and destroy everything in Myudol Valley, including the vortex so that the Sovereignty won’t get the upper-hand.

Meanwhile, it appears that Noro or should I say Shanorotte Gregory is pulling her hostage. And really, I’m angry that she’s treating Mismis Klass like a dog!

Of course, Mismis got saved by the Successor of the Black Steel. C’mon, you know that Iska won’t abandon his allies!

But here’s Iska where he told Mismis to get out of the area as quickly as possible. We don’t want his captain get bombed by Imperial forces.

Unfortunately, Mismis Klass can’t escape when this mysterious person has arrived. And really, this person is a purebred astral mage which is on par or even surpass Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX.

Anyways, this is Kissing Zoa Nebulis IX and despite having a weird name, she’s dangerous as Kissing can dismantle and reconstruct everything with her thorns.

Unfortunately for Kissing, Iska just knock her down with the pommel of his astral sword. Looks like her thorns can’t be used against a Saint Disciple right now.

Well then, time for Iska to capture Kissing and escape this valley together with Mismis.

But, the Masked Lord appeared to retrieve his daughter or niece as he has big plans for her. Man, it’s sucks that Iska couldn’t get the prize.

Oh and it gets worse as the Masked Lord kicked Mismis until she falls into the abyss where the vortex is formed.

While Iska managed to catch his captain, he and Mismis Klass might die once the vortex went out of control. Let’s not forget that Nameless ordered the bombardment, meaning that they’re deader than dead.

Fortunately, Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX has arrived to rescue them as she’s looking forward to fight Iska again. Um Lady Alice, why don’t you save your rival first before fighting him.

And so, Lady Alice grabbed Iska’s hand as she tries to pull him and Mismis away from the vortex.

But alas, the vortex exploded in a spectacular fashion. I guess these two main characters didn’t survived… or is it?

Turns out that Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX survived as Rin Vispose found her. Then again, Lady Alice is once again very upset as she got separate from Iska.

As for Iska and Mismis Klass, they’re okay as Jhin Syulargun and Nene Alkastone found them. Still, they’ll meet again in another place and another time but right now, they have to deal with their internal affairs first.

With that said, this episode made me realize that Nameless is a bastard who doesn’t care about killing his own allies, as well as the Zoa family where the Masked Lord and Kissing are planning to usurp the throne and then crush the Empire by any means.

One last thing, I wish Shanorotte Gregory will return on the next episode as I want her ass kicked by Iska for hurting Mismis Klass. Anyways, see ya next week!

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