Tonikaku Kawaii Episode #06

Oh boy, looks like Nasa Yuzaki is having trouble getting some good night sleep because his wife Tsukasa Tsukuyomi is thrashing all night long. Looks like he needs a big apartment in order to put a bigger bed.

Alternatively, Nasa could sell the smaller bed and buy another futon, but I think the landlord might get angry if he did that so it seems that renting a bigger apartment is a nice option.

Of course, Nasa-kun needs some help from his parents who are not aware that he’s married to Tsukasa-chan. So, he told about it to his mother and really, she’s really shocked that her son is a married man.

Anyways, in order for Nasa Yuzaki to receive some financial help from his parents, he and Tsukasa will need to travel to Nara Prefecture since his mom and dad are living there apparently.

But first, they need to buy a camera since they want to capture those memories with every snapshot and then print them afterwards.

On the other hand, seems that Nasa is having fun taking photos of his wife, although he should be careful since the memory card might get full if he continues to take photos.

Now then, the married couple took the bus ’cause it’s cheaper than taking the bullet train, although Nasa-kun will have a hard time sleeping since Tsukasa is leaning on him.

I’m surprised that Tsukasa can sleep peacefully even if the bus is moving.

But as for Nasa, he’s acting like an old man as he didn’t get enough sleep. Sure that you’re getting horny inside Nasa-kun, but please remember to get enough sleep or you might feel a bit groggy.

Anyways, seems that they’re gonna arrive at Nara in a few hours. Let’s hope that they won’t miss the bus since the couple is gonna buy some food.

On the other hand, looks like Aurora and Charlotte are here to spy on the couple. Don’t tell me that Chitose Kaginoji won’t give up on breaking them apart?

But seriously Chitose, she needs to accept their marriage rather than forcing the couple to file a divorce. Ugh, I think it’ll take a long time for Kaginoji to accept them.

Anyways, tune in next time where Nasa and Tsukasa will spend their honeymoon in Nara Prefecture. Oh, and let’s not forget that they’ll meet Nasa’s parents soon!

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