Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Episode #06

And so, the Valkyries have gathered in Japan to take down the Fuji Primary Pillar. And really, they can’t afford to lose this opportunity.

Oh yeah, Lizbet Crown and Leyli Haltija have returned to partake in the biggest operation in history. Nice to see Claudia Bruford’s friends again.

Now then, here’s Major General Toshizou Okita where he’ll be the commander of this operation and he’ll be the one who will rally his troops.

Oh yeah, we got some cameo appearances in the form of Lhasa Lurizar and Nina Kolmakov where despite not being Named Valkyries (or possibly candidates), they can hold off on their own against the Pillars.

Meanwhile, here’s Yayoi Amatsuka where she discusses Commander Ichiro Satomi about something important. Well, the death of both Sakura Okita and Akira Jinguuji where Amatsuka blamed herself for letting her teammates die.

But here’s the thing though as Yayoi tries to save Sonoka Watarai’s life by deliberately sabotage her plane on that day, fearing that Sonoka might get shot down by the enemy. Of course, this led Akira’s demise and Amatsuka regretted it. Of course, Yayoi will sabotage Sonoka’s plane again to save her life, but that would result of someone getting killed in the process.

Speaking of Sonoka Watarai, she couldn’t believe that Yayoi Amatsuka sabotage her plane on that fateful day and she’s planning to do it again on this operation. Gotta say that Sonoka didn’t take this harsh truth very well.

Regardless, Watarai runs away and I have a feeling that she’ll be the one who’ll get killed by the enemy. But you know what, I smell a death flag towards Amatsuka where she might sacrifice her life to save Sonoka.

And so, the day of the operation has arrived where hundreds of planes are here to take down the Primary Pillar.

Oh and despite being asleep most of the time, some Secondaries will defend the Primary Pillars until it wakes up.

However, the united front has an ace on their sleeve as Alma Conturo pilots the Hero Wing Sveið, which is based on the Lancaster Mk. 1S bomber plane.

And as you can see, Alma drops a 10-ton bomb towards the Primary Pillar, although one bomb isn’t enough to take down a Pillar.

But hey, at least she created a hole that’s big enough for the Valkyries to get inside and destroy the core. Let’s hope that they’ll destroy it quickly.

Sadly, the Valkyries will have to face a squadron of Hero Wings. Oh, and the Pillars didn’t clone them as the enemy resurrect these broken Hero Wings to fight against humanity.

This includes Akira Jinguuji’s Hero Wing and while it’s not Sakura Okita’s Ortlinde, Yayoi Amatsuka couldn’t believe that the Pillars would desecrate her dead teammate by reviving her Hero Wing.

But seriously though, who is reviving those destroyed Hero Wings to fight the Valkyries?

Well, it’s none other than Odin’s son Thor, the God of Thunder where this giant is protecting the Primary Pillar by forcing the Valkyries to take down the fallen comrades.

And speaking of Odin, I have a feeling that he’s planning to kill every single Valkyrie on this major operation. See his smirk? He’s up to no good!

With that said, the operation to take down the Primary Pillar will continue next week and I have a feeling that an important character will die while taking down Thor.

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