Adachi to Shimamura Episode #06

Oh look, it’s Yashiro Chikama where she tries to play the recorder, which belonged to Hougetsu Shimamura’s little sister.

Of course, she’s just a beginner after all but you know something, when will Yashiro find her companion and return to space?

Anyways, here’s Sakura Adachi where she went to the mall with Akira Hino to buy a Christmas present for Hougetsu Shimamura. It’s nice that Adachi seeks help from others in regards to what gift she’ll give to Shimamura.

On the other hand, it appears that Hougetsu Shimamura is with Taeko Nagafuji and they’re really happy together.

Of course, both Hino and Adachi can’t see their faces since they might cause an awkward situation when they met their respective friends at the mall.

Speaking of Sakura Adachi, looks like she’s getting a bit jealous that someone is with Hougetsu Shimamura. And really, it hurts when she’s really in love with Shimamura and yet someone stole her away.

As for Akira Hino? Seems that she doesn’t feel jealously when her best friend is with another girl. Man, if only Hino takes a hint that Nagafuji is in love with her!

But now, let’s move onto Christmas Day as Adachi will spend her time with Shimamura at the mall. C’mon, she waited for the day to be with Shimamura for a long time.

Then again, it appears that Adachi’s getup is a bit… unique I would say. Hmm, did she went to the mall after her part-time job?

Anyways, Adachi gave her gift to Shimamura which are actually herbal tea. Seems that she listened to Hino’s advice when choosing Shimamura’s Christmas gift.

Now then, I can’t wait for Hougetsu Shimamura’s gift to Sakura Adachi.

However, she gave Adachi a boomerang and some safety goggles as per Nagafuji’s suggestion. Okay, now I know why Shimamura and Nagafuji are there together at the mall is because they’re trying to get something for Adachi on Christmas Day.

Then again, it feels so weird that Hougetsu Shimamura would give a boomerang and a pair of safety goggles to Sakura Adachi. But hey, it’s the thought that counts!

One last thing, looks like Sakura Adachi confesses her feelings to Hougetsu Shimamura that she wants to stay as best friends forever. Wait, I thought you’re gonna say to Shimamura that you love her?

Anyways, looks like Adachi bungled up her confession yet again and it’s disappointing that she made it at the right place and time. Well then, let’s hope that next episode won’t mess it up because it’s Valentine’s Day next time!

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