Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi Episode #01

Remember Toji no Miko? Well, it has returned for this OVA series where it focuses on a new set of characters, starting with Mihono Asakura where she and her fellow toji will have to deal with various aratama across Japan ever since Princess Tagitsu is defeated.

But first, let’s introduce the cast starting with Hirona Nitta, a toji from Osafune Girls’ Academy where she wields a western-style okatana in the shape of a rapier.

Oh yeah, here’s Mirja Kitora who’s the aloof leader of the Akabane Swords Special Investigation Team. Aside from being the team leader, there’s nothing much to talk about Mirja since some of the other media like manga and a mobile game were not released outside Japan.

And here’s the rest of the team where in addition to Mihono Asakura, it has Kofuki Shichinosato, Chie Setouchi, Kiyoka Musumi, and Yui Yamashiro.

Unfortunately, it seems that they’re somewhat surprised in regards to Hirona’s delayed reaction. But hey, it’s nice that the team has a new member.

Now then, let’s move onto familiar faces as Kanami Etou and Hiyori Juujou have encountered an aratama.

Except that it’s a humanoid one much like Princess Tagitsu. I wonder if this aratama is dangerous?

Oh wait, this humanoid aratama couldn’t fight against two tojis. Unfortunately, neither Kanami nor Hiyori couldn’t capture this aratama as she ran away.

But eventually, she was caught by the Akabane Swords Special Investigation Team, although it seems that the aratama was crying that she can’t defend herself against a trio of toji.

In any case, Mihono Asakura decided to take this humanoid aratama to their base since she’s not that dangerous. I mean, this aratama is trembling with fear.

Of course, some would oppose it as Kofuki Shichinosato wants that aratama dead, regardless of whether it poses a threat or not.

By the way, this toji is somewhat interesting because Kofuki loves slaying aratama, although there’s a reason for her bloodlust.

You see, Shichinosato encountered an aratama where she wants to take it as a pet, but Kofuki somewhat regretted it when this aratama grows it size and almost killed her if it wasn’t for Yukina Takatsu and her team rescuing her.

And speaking of Yukina-san, let’s not forget that she did questionable things towards her students. Hence, I have a hunch that Shichinosato undertook Takatsu’s toji enhancement program.

Fortunately, Yui Yamashiro intervened as they don’t want her fellow tojis to fight over a single aratama. Heck, she even supports Mihono’s decision to keep the aratama at their base.

With that said, the team kept the humanoid aratama at their base. Oh, and Mihono named her Kohime as this aratama looked like a little princess. Okay, sorry for the puns!

Oh yeah, here’s both Kanami Etou and Hiyori Juujou where they’re surprised that the aratama they encountered is now under the custody of the Akabane Investigation Team.

Anyways, I’m hoping that Kohime won’t develop some hostilities as the only thing they need is co-existence between humans and the aratama.

Then again, Kohime might change her mind as Mihono Asakura and the rest are still doing their usual duties of stopping wild aratama from hurting humans.

Of course, let’s not forget that Kofuki Shichinosato loves to kill aratama for fun. Yeah, I think Kohime will have to stay away from Kofuki.

Speaking of Kohime, seems that she’s aware that tojis are doing their duty to stop aratama, which Kohime doesn’t like it because she got emotionally hurt when her brethren got slaughtered.

Oh yeah, here’s Hirona Nitta where she’s ready to cut Kohime in case she went rogue. Of course, Kohime didn’t go berserk this time but you know something, I feel that Hirona is gonna kill Kohime for sure although I don’t know what her hidden agenda is.

With that said, I’ll see you next time for Part 2 of this OVA series. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen to Kohime!

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