Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen Episode #09

Oh look what we have here, it appears that we have a new character named Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX in which she’s an important character, especially Iska where he set Sisbell free from the Heavenly Empire’s control.

Of course, she’ll get some attention in future episodes because I have a feeling that Sisbell might meet Iska again and thank him for saving her life.

Right now, Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX is trying to stop prisoners from getting out of the Ollelugan Prison Tower, as she orders the guards to apprehend those who are trying to escape the Nebulis Sovereignty.

Unfortunately, looks like someone wants to murder the Ice Calamity Witch as Nameless has arrived to kill Lady Alice. Good thing Alice managed to defend herself using ice magic.

And speaking of Nameless, he decides not to kill the Ice Calamity Witch right away as the Saint Disciple drops by at Alcatroz to say hi.

You know something, Nameless doesn’t act cocky towards his opponents as this Saint Disciple cuts to the chase and complete the mission in a swift manner.

Anyways, Nameless runs away as the Saint Disciple has decided to let Salinger do the dirty work. Well then, looks like Lady Alice will have to stop the Transcendent Demon by herself.

Of course, Salinger got his hands full on Iska as the Transcendent Demon is gonna show his true power, combining opposite astral spirits into a powerful magic.

Not on Iska’s watch however as his astral swords cuts Salinger’s magic like butter. Looks like it’s easy-peasy for the Successor of the Black Steel.

Except that he only cut the ice part as Iska is gonna get burned by Salinger’s fire magic. Damn, he got played badly!

Well, there goes Iska as he got burned to death. Oh god, I don’t want this anime to end like this!

Psyche, he’s alive as Iska managed to create an ice shield from his sword to block Salinger’s fire magic. Man, that scared the shit out of me because I thought Iska died.

Still, Salinger the Transcendent Demon is not gonna stop on reaching his dream of becoming god as he throws lightning towards him and Rin Vispose.

Unfortunately for Salinger, a certain Ice Calamity Witch has arrived to save her trusty maid.

In any case, Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX has arrived to stop the Transcendent Demon from killing her mother and taking her astral crest. Then again, it’s already been taken care of by Iska.

But here’s Salinger where he’s making his final stand against Iska as he summoned swords.

Unfortunately, the Transcendent Demon got disarmed at the hands of Iska. I mean, this Saint Disciple learned swordsmanship at a young age.

And so, the Successor of the Black Steel achieved victory over the Transcendent Demon. Of course, Salinger doesn’t want to be killed at the hands of Iska.

So, Salinger decides to jump off towards this large hole while he laughs maniacally. Man, he really gave a “Fuck you!” to Successor of the Black Steel.

Then again, I doubt that the Transcendent Demon died because there’s a chance that Salinger will return to give Iska a beating.

For now, the situation in Alcatroz has finally calmed down as the escapees are apprehended. Oh, and here’s Lady Alice where she checks if Rin is okay.

Meanwhile, here’s Iska where he joined Mismis Klass and the rest of the team as they finally head home. Of course, the only thing that bugs me is Nameless’ appearance.

Well, turns out that Risya In Empire is wearing the Nameless stealth suit during the prison break. Man, it’s no wonder her impersonation is a bit off.

Oh and here’s the real Nameless where he managed to send two special forces in the Central Province, which is within the Nebulis Sovereignty.

So yeah, looks like the Heavenly Empire can finally strike against the astral magicians, although Nameless and his team is not enough to bring the Sovereignty down.

Therefore, the only way to take Queen Millavair Lou Nebulis VIII and her royal family down is for the Empire to send an astral beast inside the Sovereignty. Then again, I feel that this beast might turn on them instead.

Tune in next time where Iska and his teammates will find another way to hide Mismis’ astral crest, although the Saint Disciple might meet the princess that he rescued a few years ago.

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