Adachi to Shimamura Episode #09

Hey everyone, here’s Tarumi where she spends her time with Hougetsu Shimamura in Nagoya.

There’s nothing special on their trip, although I’m still worried that Tarumi might steal Shimamura away from Adachi.

Then again, it seems that Hougetsu Shimamura is not very close to Tarumi since she has hazy memories towards her long-lost friend. Heck, she doesn’t know Tarumi’s nickname until Shimamura managed to remember it at the last minute.

In any case, I think that their relationship is distant because both Tarumi and Shimamura’s personalities have changed from their childhood.

Now then, Valentine’s Day has arrived as both Hougetsu Shimamura and Sakura Adachi are ready to give their chocolate to one another, although they bought the same chocolate from a confectionary story in Nagoya.

But hey, looks like this box of chocolates looked appetizing. Now the only thing left to do is for these girls to eat it.

Anyways, it’s time for Sakura Adachi to feed some chocolates to Hougetsu Shimamura. C’mon, this is a date after all despite the fact that only Adachi is the one who considers it.

But as for the taste, looks like Shimamura loved eating it. Well, I have to say that these two girls are happy to receive chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, there’s more to come as Shimamura shows something special to Adachi at the train station.

Turns out that Hougetsu Shimamura made a special message to her friend, saying that she wants to stay close to Sakura Adachi. Well, that was pretty sweet!

And here’s Adachi where she hugged Shimamura tightly. Gotta say that this is the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever for Sakura Adachi, although I wish she would confess her feelings to Hougetsu Shimamura.

Well then, there’s 3 more episodes to go and let’s hope that both Adachi and Shimamura are lovers at the end of this series, but there will be some drama ahead and I don’t know if either of them might get emotionally hurt. Anyways, see you next time!

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