Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi Episode #02

Oh look, it’s Hirona Nitta where she’s here for a briefing together with the rest of the Akabane Swords Special Investigation Team.

And while she still have that late reaction, the reason why Hirona got late in the meeting is because she did some errands. I don’t know what kind of errands she made, but I’m hoping that Nitta didn’t do something destructive.

On the other hand, it appears that someone left the door opened. Oh boy, I have a feeling that Kohime might get out of her cell.

Now then, the Akabane Swords Special Investigation Team are doing their usual task of stopping wild aratama from killing humans. C’mon, they’re here to purify, not to destroy.

Of course, Kohime interfered where she tried to save this aratama from being slaughtered. Then again, the only thing I’m worried about is Kohime being killed.

With that said, Kofuki Shichinosato is really angry that Kohime interfered, although deep down in her heart she really wants to slay the humanoid aratama.

In any case, Kohime made her escape by creating a portal, meaning that the hunt for the humanoid aratama has begun!

And speaking of Kohime, looks like she was attacked by an aratama, thinking that she’s a human even though Kohime is actually an aratama herself.

At this point, Kohime is doomed where she’s threatened by her brethren and the toji from Akabane Swords Special Investigation Team.

Of course, there are some like Mihono Asakura who doesn’t want to hurt Kohime as Mihono protects her from this wild aratama.

Well then, looks like Mihono wants to take Kohime home and convince the rest of her teammates that she’s still not a threat. Then again, no one would believe her after pulling that stunt.

Oh and it gets worse when Kofuki Shichinosato and Yui Yamashiro are here to dispose Kohime. While I doubt that Yamashiro would eager to kill the aratama, I’m still worried about Shichinosato.

Come to think of it, how did Kofuki and Yui managed to locate Kohime easily?

Turns out that they got intel from Hirona Nitta where she locate the humanoid aratama using a drone.

Okay, I’m really convinced that she really wants to kill Kohime as I bet that she opened the aratama’s cage, but why would Hirona wanted to murder an innocent aratama?

In any case, looks like Kohime has no choice but to fight against Yui Yamashiro, although the aratama couldn’t hold a candle against Yui since she’s a veteran toji who can slice the aratama easily.

Except that Yamashiro decides to spare the humanoid aratama instead. Yeah, Yui doesn’t want to kill Kohime because she’s found of the aratama.

Meanwhile, let’s focus on the battle between Mihono Asakura and Kofuki Shichinosato as they’re evenly-matched. I mean, they’re teammates after all!

In the end, Kofuki lost to Mihono where she barely edged-out to her slightly-psychopathic teammate.

With that said, the Akabane Swords Special Investigation Team decided not to slay Kohime so instead, they’ll hand some light punishment for the humanoid aratama as well as both Asakura and Yamashiro.

But as for Kohime, it appears that she’ll be transferred to Okinawa where she’ll be taken care of by a group of experts. Oh I hope they treat her nicely.

But if some nasty personnel decided to abuse Kohime, there’s Kanami Etou and Hiyori Juujou who’ll defend the humanoid aratama from mistreatment. Anyways, that’s about it for this OVA series of Toji no Miko!

Then again, there’s one more thing to talk about and that’s Hirona Nitta where she told someone that she failed her mission regarding Kohime.

Said person happened to be Akira Inago where she told Hirona that the higher-ups decided to send her to Okinawa to continue observation towards Kohime. Of course, I don’t know what are they planning to do towards the humanoid aratama.

But that’s about it for Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi and really, I feel that this OVA series should be expanded or rather turn into a TV anime series since I want some development towards the new characters.

In any case, time to say good-bye to Kanami and her friends but man, this franchise needs some love.

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