D4DJ First Mix Episode #08

Let’s talk about Maho Akashi where she’s improving her DJ skills after watching Peaky P-key’s Christmas concert. Then again, Maho is bothered by various rumors within that DJ unit.

You see, there are rumors that Peaky P-key will have a major shakeup, particularly with the addition of a new member. Yeah, Maho is very concerned about it.

By the way, here’s Jennifer Yuka Sasago where she look at the phone and was shocked at the news. For Maho-chan, she thinks that it’s related to Peaky P-key.

But in truth, it’s actually a gacha game. Look at the goddamn rates on this game, there’s no way Jennifer will pull an SSR character or anything higher than that.

Oh yeah, here’s Rinku Aimoto where she’s having a conversation with Kyouko Yamate. I wonder if they’re talking about the Christmas concert, or something different that will shake the entire DJ scene?

But for Akashi however, she thinks that Aimoto will join Peaky P-key which is the most shocking news ever. Then again, I feel that Maho is making wrong assumptions there.

Meanwhile, here’s Shinobu Inuyose where she opened the door to catch some breeze, but instead she got cold air where Shinobu sneezed so hard that her handkerchief got blown away.

Oh yeah, and here’s Maho Akashi where she caught the handkerchief with her face. I hope she doesn’t get sick because that handkerchief might have some viruses.

In any case, Shinobu asked Maho to give that handkerchief back to her. However, I feel that Akashi might stay at the Inuyose residence for a bit longer.

With that said, Maho asked Shinobu if Peaky P-key is gonna recruit Rinku Aimoto, although Inuyose didn’t know about it since she’s busy mixing songs.

Speaking of Shinobu Inuyose, she gave one useful advice to Maho Akashi where she needs to get better when it comes to mixing songs. C’mon, DJ Kunoichi wants her rivals like Maho to reach at her level.

Now then, it’s time for Happy Around where they throw a successful concert. Of course, Maho Akashi is worried about what comes after the concert.

Well, here’s Kyouko Yamate where she gave something to Rinku Aimoto. Could it be that it contains a Peaky P-key badge?

Actually, it a seashell pendant where Kyouko sent a gift to the members of Happy Around.

This includes Rinku Aimoto where she got the same seashell pendant as the rest of her unit.

Oh and by the way, she’s not gonna join another DJ unit ’cause she’s satisfied sticking with Happy Around.

And as for Maho Akashi, it looks like she felt a sigh of relief as Rinku didn’t move to Peaky P-key. Oh Maho, it’s not like your friend is gonna leave you behind.

But that’s about it for this episode and it’s all’s well that ends well for Happy Around. Tune in next year for the next episode where Rinku and the rest might meet other DJ units.

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