Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Episode #12

Well everyone, here’s Odin where he’s ready for the final battle…

…in his ancient Norse mecha Gungnir. Looking menacing there!

But first, they’ll have to deal with the fallen Valkyries where they’ll defend both Thor and Odin no matter what. Fortunately, Sonoka Watarai will take care of that.

Speaking of Sonoka Watarai, she wants to make sure that the souls of the dead like Yayoi Amatsuka and Akira Jinguuji will remain in peace instead of being used as pawns for Odin’s Ragnarök.

With that said, Sonoka managed to destroy the fallen Valkyries, including Sakura Okita’s Ortlinde in which Watarai dropped her floats to clip off its wings.

Meanwhile, here’s Claudia Bruford where she’s about to punish her mad father, but Odin decides to play another mind trick just to reconsider her actions.

Unfortunately, Claudia is dead-set on stopping Ragnarök once and for all. Of course, she’s not gonna fire at the Norse god right away.

Instead, Claudia fires her Tyrfing bullet at her younger self, which represents her divinity as a Named Valkyrie apparently.

In any case, looks like Claudia Bruford is free from Odin’s illusion, but of course she’ll receive the wrath of a Norse god later.

And speaking of Odin, his left eye is burning with anger as he’s gonna punish Claudia for defying him.

Of course, Claudia doesn’t have any divine weapons to stop Odin, including her Tyrfing in which she already used it. So what will she do?

Well, she’s gonna use her Hero Wing Schwertleite to ram towards Odin and his Norse mecha Gungnir. Surprisingly, it’s super-effective as Odin’s mecha is soundly defeated.

Then again, that Norse god is nowhere to be found as he escaped somewhere inside the Fuji Primary Pillar.

Now let’s focus on Miyako Muguruma where she’s currently tackling Thor, but she ran out of ammunition in her Hero Cannon so Miyako is a sitting duck.

That’s until Muguruma got a call from her chief mechanic in which her Hero Wing has a secret weapon.

And speaking of the chief mechanic, he told Miyako to pull a cord to reveal the secret weapon. What could that weapon be?

Why it’s actually an extra Hero Cannon which is hidden inside a fuel tank. Even Muguruma is surprised by it.

Well then, I give props to the chief mechanic for surprising everyone by installing an extra cannon on Miyako’s airplane.

Still, Miyako needs to concentrate on firing her Hero Cannon at Thor but it’s gonna be difficult when the Norse God of Thunder is throwing lightning at everything.

Fortunately, there’s the Shield Squadron in which the trio will protect Muguruma from being hit by Thor’s lightning.

Of course, Ronge, Kinpatsu, and Gurasan might not survive the battle but that’s okay for the Shield Squadron as they’ll protect Miyako Muguruma till the end.

But seriously though, I’m saddened that the trio lost their lives while protecting Miyako. I hope that the cool bros will reunite and have some booze in Valhalla.

Thanks to the Shield Squadron, Miyako managed to destroy Thor with a well-timed shot of her Hero Cannon. Looks like their sacrifices were not in vain as the Norse God of Thunder is finally defeated.

Now let’s move onto Azuzu Komagome where she got inside the core of the Primary Pillar, although her Hero Wing got busted.

Oh yeah, here’s Odin where he expects his daughter Claudia Bruford to finish him off, but he encountered Azuzu instead where she’s pointing her gun towards the Norse god.

Unfortunately, Azuzu Komagome still can’t beat Odin as the Norse god blows her away. Then again, Komagome remained unfazed as she has another plan.

Well you see, Azuzu is just a decoy for Odin as the real star of the show has arrived where Miyako Muguruma slices the core with her trusty katana. Damn, I didn’t saw that coming!

Hell, even Odin can’t believe it that he got fooled by a mere Valkyrie as the core is about to explode. In any case, looks like his plans to commence Ragnarök has failed.

Of course, Miyako felt pity towards the Norse god, thinking that Odin is very lonely without anyone understanding his plight.

You know something after watching the entire show, commencing another Ragnarök won’t solve his loneliness ’cause Odin will remain alone without his fellow Norse gods nor his Valkyries.

In any case, the Fuji Primary Pillar is destroyed, meaning that Japan achived victory over the Pillars.

Unfortunately, Odin’s minions are still a threat in other parts of the world and it appears that the Norse god has disappeared once again.

On the other hand, Commander Ichiro Satomi and his staff are worried that the Valkyrie Squadron won’t survive the collapse of the Primary Pillar. Ugh, I don’t want to end this show on a downer note!

Fortunately, Miyako Muguruma and the rest got out of the collapsing pillar in triumph. Oh yeah, both Kurumi Suzuhara and Moe Isurugi are carrying Sonoka Watarai’s Hero Wing since she lost her slender floats.

Well then, it’s time for the epilogue where the Valkyrie Squadron are paying their respects for those who lost their lives including the Shield Squadron. Man, I’m gonna miss the cool trio!

On the other hand, Moe Isurugi and Kurumi Suzuhara have officially joined the Valkyrie Squadron. Glad that the team is growing as the Tateyama Air Base will be busier than before.

Of course, Sonoka Watarai warned the guys not to flirt on both Moe-chan and Kurumi-chan as they’re underage. Speaking of Sonoka, looks like she’s becoming more a big sister than a crybaby.

And that’s about it for Senyoku no Sigrdrifa and I’ve enjoyed watching the show full of amazing dogfights and interesting characters.

I’m glad that I’ve picked up this series, but I’m gonna miss the Valkyrie Squadron of Tateyama as they take off for another mission!

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