Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode #12

This is the climax of Operation Victoria where General Geraldo S. Patton and his tank crew are currently hiding at the Zoo Tower, although they lost their Landkreuzer Ratte as it took too many hits from lasers.

Of course, there’s Yoshika Miyafuji where she’s currently taking care of the injured, although the only thing I’m worried about is that the Zoo Tower might collapse and kill dozens of soldiers inside the building.

Meanwhile, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing found a way to get inside the dome via the underground passage. Then again, I wonder if they’ll get lost inside this vast passage?

Fortunately, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke and the rest managed to get inside the dome, but they’re still underground as they found something terrifying.

This is Germania or should I say a replica of it as the Neuroi nest recreated this city, which based on the scrapped plans from Emperor Frederick IV.

Oh and that dome structure? It handles the dome barrier so they need to destroy it in order to lower the barrier.

Well then, looks like the 501st Joint Fighter Wing will have to destroy the dome structure in order to lower the barrier. But even then, Commander Minna and the rest will also have to deal with a swarm of Neuroi drones that fire lasers.

Meanwhile, here’s Shizuka Hattori where she’s currently patrolling the area until Shizuka encountered a bomber plane that belonged to Mio Sakamoto.

There, Shizuka Hattori explained the current situation to Mio Sakamoto in which she’s surprised that Yoshika Miyafuji volunteered as a combat medic.

Now then, it’s time to think about a way to get inside the dome but there’s a solution to that.

Anyways, their plan will be dropping the anti-Neuroi bomb at the dome, but not hitting its surface as Sakamoto wanted the bomb to explode mid-air by shooting it down. Hence, Shizuka Hattori will be the one who will make the bomb explode in mid-air.

Also, she’s using the Shinden Striker Unit which was meant for Yoshika Miyafuji, but she has no choice but to use it since her current Striker Unit got busted.

Of course, the magic energy requirement when using the Shinden is very high that Hattori might pass-out. However, that won’t stop her from shooting the anti-Neuroi bomb where she’ll create a hole at the dome.

In any case, looks like Mio Sakamoto’s plan worked as there’s a hole at the dome. Now the only thing that Shizuka Hattori needs to do is to enter the dome and save Yoshika Miyafuji.

And speaking of Miyafuji, she’s currently shooting down the Neuroi drones as Yoshika is defending the injured soldiers.

Then again, it seems that she’s ran out of ammo and thus Miyafuji is a sitting duck. Man, who will save Sergeant Miyafuji?

Why it’s none other than Shizuka Hattori where she managed to save Yoshika from being killed by the enemy. Glad that her compatriot is here.

But not for long though as Hattori got a fatal shot to the stomach. Damn, her moment of glory has been cut short!

And while Miyafuji tries to heal her wounds as much as possible, it seems that Hattori might die in battle. Man, this is the worst thing ever for Yoshika-chan.

So much that she let out a scream of anger in which- Wait, is Yoshika’s magic returned after witnessing Shizuka getting killed in action?

Anyways, turns out that Miyafuji can finally use magic again but seriously, it’s emulating that scene from Dragon Ball Z.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Yoshika’s magic has somewhat healed Shizuka’s wounds, meaning that her compatriot is alive.

Even General Geraldo S. Patton couldn’t believe this miracle. Anyways, looks like the general will have to take care of Shizuka Hattori…

…as Yoshika Miyafuji uses the Shinden Striker Unit and deal with the Neuroi. Gotta say that she’s stronger than before but Miyafuji needs to help her teammates.

Fortunately, Sanya V. Litvyak managed to destroy the core with her missiles as the Neuroi nest is defeated… or is it?

Actually, the Neuroi nest is still alive and kicking as it lead its drones to form a fortress that would engulf Berlin.

Once again, this is Germania where the Neuroi recreated the Emperor’s city into a massive weapon of destruction.

Then again, the Neuroi city is still vulnerable as the 501st Joint Fighter Wing mow down everything until Germania is completely destroyed.

Of course, the core of the nest is still intact where it tries to flee to another city and lick its wounds. Man, the Neuroi really wants to drag this war further.

Not on Yoshika Miyafuji’s watch as she creates a barrier to stop the core from escaping. Then again, I’m worried that Miyafuji might ran out of magic again.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about as Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke has arrived to deliver the finishing blow as she shoots the core. Glad that Minna finished the fight!

And so, the Neuroi nest “Wolf” is finally destroyed as Berlin is liberated thanks to the Strike Witches.

Of course, liberating Karlsland’s capital would be impossible without Yoshika Miyafuji around as she’s the MVP for Operation Victoria. I mean, Lynette Bishop is happy that Yoshika can fly again.

But that’s the end of Strike Witches: Road to Berlin. Honestly, this 3rd season feels like a proper send-off to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing as they finally accomplished their mission. Then again, the Neuroi threat is still around there in other parts of the world.

As for the 3rd season, David Production did a great job as they capture the essence of Strike Witches, although they downplay the fanservice a little bit since they want to focus on developing the characters further, including Shizuka Hattori where she become a capable asset to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. But hey, there’s Episode 7 where it has some fanservice.

Anyways, looks like it’s time to say goodbye to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. Of course, there’s still more to come for the World Witches franchise ’cause it’ll have another spin-off!

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