Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table Episode #01

It’s been more than 5 years since the 2nd season ended and since Mamare Touno is cleared of tax fraud, it’s time to bring back Log Horizon and I’m glad that Akatsuki and Shiroe have returned.

Anyways, looks like the duo found some members of Honesty where they’re feeling a bit bummed because they failed to secure the Fairy Rings.

And here’s the thing though about Fairy Rings because before Elder Tale was a game, there’s a complex timetable where players must know which destination they’ll end up with during that period.

But since Elder Tale has become their reality once the Apocalypse happened, investigating the Fairy Rings is very difficult for Honesty and there’s growing frustration within the guild.

Meanwhile, here’s Sarariya Tsuleu-Arte Cowen where the queen told Raynesia that she has selected a groom for her. C’mon, Raynesia is a princess after all.

And speaking of Raynesia El-Arte Cowen, she’s worried on who will be her fiancé. I mean, she’s not confident on marrying a noble at the moment, especially if her future husband turned out to be an asshole.

Still, I think the reason why Queen Sarariya is choosing someone to marry Princees Raynesia is because the Eastal League of Freedom Cities can’t afford to lose against the Holy Empire of Westlande, so having a powerful noble family supporting Eastal via political marriage is the only possible way.

Aside from political marriage, there are various problems that needs to be resolved as Charasin discusses about adventurers who went missing for a long time. Known as Log Leap, these adventurers are said to be spirited away once the Apocalypse happened, although there’s no confirmation on whether they returned to the real world or not.

Another problem is Honesty where Eins and his guild are concerned that their opinions are not agreed by the rest of the Round Table Conference ever since Krusty’s sudden disappearance. In fact, there are rumors that Honesty is linked to Plant Hwyaden from the Holy Empire of Westlande for which Eins’ guild might switch sides.

And speaking of Eins, he has decided that his guild Honesty will leave the Round Table Conference. Not only that, but the Holy Empire of Westlande appointed Eins as their duke.

Well, I have to say that the Round Table Conference is starting to crumble and honestly, I feel that Eins and his guild are getting frustrated that their influence within the conference is starting to weaken. Coupled with their failures of analyzing and capturing the Fairy Rings, Honesty have decided to join Westlande instead.

But seriously though, Shiroe and his guild Log Horizon will have big challenges ahead in future episodes and I’m scared that they’ll fail in a spectacular way. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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