WIXOSS Diva(A)Live Episode #02

Well, it looks like Rei Sakigake told both Hirana Asu and Akino Onko not to tell everyone that she’s playing WIXOSS.

Oh and here’s the thing about Rei is because she’s known in WIXOSS Land as the infamous Absolute Rei where she dumps her teammates if they did poorly. Yeah, she doesn’t want her classmates to know that she’s a LRIG.

Still, it’s nice that Hirana and Akino got a teammate as they’ll get serious on becoming the best Diva team in WIXOSS Land.

But first, it’s time to get some new cards to make their deck stronger. Is it me or this is the first time that the WIXOSS franchise feature actual deck-building? Then again, the franchise is focus more on suffering.

On the other hand, it appears they’re challenged by a rival team even though they haven’t got a team name yet. In any case, it’s time for some DIVA BATTORU!

Anyways, this team is called Uchuu no Hajimari in which Dr. Tamago and her buddies are aiming for the top.

Oh and here’s the funny story though as Uchuu no Hajimari wants to recruit Rei as their member, but she declined to their invitation which is why they’re gonna destroy Rei and her new teammates.

In any case, looks like Uchuu no Hajimari easily decimates Hirana and her teammates. But what’s their secret on beating Hirana’s team?

Well, turns out that Dr. Tamago learned about their deck, meaning that Uchuu no Hajimari have an absolute advantage.

Okay, I feel that Dr. Tamago is similar to Akira Aoi when it comes to sniffing out the opponent’s deck. But anyways, looks like Hirana and her team is gonna lose, right?

Well, not quite as it turns out that Hirana put a random card from the booster pack, which accidentally saved them from getting a complete wipe-out. Looks like they have a chance to turn this situation around.

But thanks to Hirana adding random cards to her deck, looks like they managed to defeat Uchuu no Hajimari. Seriously, what a turn-around for Hirana’s team.

As for Dr. Tamago and her teammates, they’re looking forward to challenge them again. By the way, Dr. Tamago called Hirana’s team as “No Name” which is just a temporary name.

And speaking of Hirana, turns out that she accidentally register the team as No Name. Man, I think she needs to be careful when building decks or even forming a team.

But seriously though, I wonder what will be their team name since they can’t be called as No Name all the time?

Oh, looks like they come up a new team name, although Hirana will have to re-register her team again on the next episode. But from here on out, they’ll be called as No Limit.

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