Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #01

Meet Keyaru, just another country bumpkin who wants to become a hero, but I doubt that he can do it because Keyaru doesn’t have magic nor combat skills to fight the demon lord.

That’s until Flare Arlgrande Jioral recruits Keyaru where she believes that he has healing powers, which is important to keep the heroes alive when fighting the demon army. Looks like Keyaru is living the dream now that he becomes a hero, right?

Well, turns out that Keyaru is being treated poorly by Flare and her party. From giving him drugs that made him go insane, to raping him by everyone just for the hell of it.

Anyways, I have to say that Keyaru is having regrets now that he learned that Flare and the rest of the heroes are actually assholes. It won’t be long before they decided to throw him away once the demon lord is defeated.

However, there’s some hope for Keyaru as he develop resistance to drugs, meaning that poison nor hallucinogens won’t work for him. Thus, he can still move while being under the influence of drugs.

Furthermore, he isn’t just healing wounds, but rather Keyaru relived moments from the people he healed which is taxing to his already-fragile mind. But hey, Keyaru gained skills upon healing everyone including his scumbag party.

Anyways, Keyaru finally defeated the demon lord by himself without the help from his allies. Of course, he’s not yet done…

In fact, Keyaru plans to remake the world by using the stone that was dropped by the demon lord. And while Flare tries to stop him, I think she’s too little too late.

Well, it looks like the world has reset itself thanks to Keyaru. Then again, I feel that he’ll relive those painful moments again.

Fortunately, some fairy injected some old memories to Keyaru, meaning that he’s gonna carry out his revenge against Flare and her party. And really, revenge is best served cold against those who abuse him.

But first, Keyaru needs to eat poisonous plants and mushroom in order to build up his drug resistance. C’mon, he’s gonna get drugged soon once Keyaru joined Flare’s party.

Second is to get laid because c’mon, it’s a requirement for the main lead to have sex towards everyone. By the way, this is the uncensored version so expect some tits and asses!

And third is to get used to his healing abilities where Keyaru will use other abilities from his allies after healing them. I mean, he got crazy after healing Kureha Krylet’s right arm back then.

Of course, healing his allies takes a toll of his mental health, but that’s okay from Keyaru as he’s gonna purge the evil of this world even if Keyaru will do nasty things to get his revenge.

And that’s the first episode of Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. Now this show is fuckin’ bad because some people can’t handle sensitive stuff such as rape, but I see this as a black comedy anime and it’s gonna be good.

Well then, tune in next time where Keyaru’s revenge will begin! And by the way, don’t get mad just because our main protagonist is gonna rape and humiliate everyone who treat him badly.

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