Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #02

Here’s Keyaru again where he doesn’t want to use his healing abilities anymore simply because he can’t take the mental anguish when restoring broken limbs or even just a minor scratch.

Of course, you know that he’s just pretending as Keyaru will just steal their abilities until the day he can finally carry out his revenge.

And really, it’s going to be a long journey where Keyaru will suffer multiple abuses from the likes of Leonard. Oh yeah and speaking of that knight, he’s important later on so sit on tight.

Regardless, Keyaru will have to endure the pain for 6 months, starting with these sluts where they fuck Keyaru while offering him with drugs. I mean, it’s addictive after all but he’ll gain resistance to it.

On the other hand, I think this scene is gonna make everyone felt disgusted simply because a guy is fucking Keyaru behind while a woman is sucking Keyaru’s dick. Don’t worry, it won’t take long for Keyaru.

One last thing, it looks like Keyaru is healing this old man who has one important ability after healing his arms.

You see, this old man knows alchemy and this ability is very important for Keyaru. Alright people, are you ready for Keyaru’s road to revenge?

Unfortunately, Leonard caught wind of his plans as the knight subdue Keyaru. Oh yeah, and it appears that Leonard told Flare that Keyaru plans to kill other heroes in which the princess invited the knight to her room to discuss this matter.

However, it appears that Leonard suddenly attacked Princess Flare. Oh boy, looks like something happened to that knight. Was Leonard have a grudge with the royal family?

Well it turns out that there’s no way Leonard would do that ’cause he’s loyal to Princess Flare. Of course, there’s one person who despises Flare where her magic is being sucked away.

That’s right, it’s none other than Keyaru where he uses alchemy to change his appearance to Leonard in order to trap Flare.

Wait, what about that Keyaru where Leonard apprehend him earlier? Could it be that it’s actually the knight himself whose appearance is changed to the hero of healing?

But now matter then as Keyaru will carry out his revenge by raping Princess Flare until her mind and body is broken beyond repair. I’m sure that everyone watched this scene are either horrified or they’re having a nut-bursting boner.

In any case, looks like Keyaru has finally delivered his vengeance towards Princess Flare as her room is on fire.

Now I feel that this series will end right here as Keyaru and Flare are burned to death much like any other hentai anime in existence.

But nope, this is 12-episode anime show based on a light novel as Keyaru managed to cheat death by changing the appearance of someone’s corpse to look like Leonard, putting the blame on the knight for raping and killing Flare.

Oh yeah, he’s no longer Keyaru as the healer changed his appearance and took the name of Keyarga. Basically, he’s finally reborn from a weak hero of healing to a vengeful warrior bent on remaking the world from evil.

One last thing, it appears that Keyarga spared Princess Flare’s life as he altered her memories, taking the name of Freya ’cause Keyarga wants to use her as a sex slave.

In any case, looks like one step of his revenge plan is finished as he moves onto the next step by killing other heroes like Bullet and Blade. Okay, I wonder if this Blade person is actually Kureha Krylet?

But first, Keyarga will have to fuck Freya until she’s fully-submissive to him. And really, they made lots of sex afterwards as I end this episode right here.

Okay, this show is one guilty pleasure after watching both episodes and I can’t wait for the next one!

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