Gekidol Episode #04

Well everyone, here’s Kaoru Sakakibara where she has a big announcement towards the members of Alice in Theater. Well, they’re now call themselves as Gekidol.

Anyways, Sakakibara-san asked Jinguji-san to play the lead role for Alice in Theater’s next stage play titled “Alice in Deadly School”, their greatest work.

While the members are surprised that a famous actress will lend them a hand, I doubt that it’ll work out because Jinguji-san might have links to Super Material Theater.

Speaking of Super Material Theater, here’s Izumi Hinazaki where she’s with Tomoko Hinata as they discuss about the next stage play.

C’mon, Izumi is a very busy actress after all that everyone is aiming to become top stars much like Hinazaki.

On the other hand, it appears that Izumi and Tomo noticed a news program that’s reporting about SMT.

This is Hirokazu Takezaki who is the Producer of Super Material Theater as he told about the theater’s rise in popularity since the Global Synchronic Urban Disappearance disaster happened 5 years ago.

Of course, little did they know is that Takezaki-san allegedly stole the Theatrical Material System from Alice in Theater so he can build his own acting troupe. Heck, even Hinazaki found Takezaki-san to be a shady person.

But speaking of Hirokazu Takezaki, looks like he’s spying on Alice in Theater, especially when he’s fixated on Doll. Okay, Hirokazu is not only shady, but creepy as hell!

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Seria Morino got invited by Airi Kagami as they went outside and do cute things together.

Heck, they went to see the fireworks display where it solemnly remembers the disaster that happened 5 years ago. Okay, why would Airi invited Seria to have fun on this memorable day?

Well you see, turns out that Airi Kagami wants to celebrate Seria Morino’s birthday as she kissed Seria in the lips. That’s a pretty bold move there, Airi!

Unfortunately, Seria runs away as she felt disgusted. Wait a minute, don’t tell me that Seria’s birthday happened to be the day the Global Synchronic Urban Disappearance occurred in Tokyo?

And speaking of the Global Synchronic Urban Disappearance, it appears that the epicenter of the disaster is starting to act up again.

Heck, even Kaoru Sakakibara felt shivers down to her spine upon seeing the disaster. I have a feeling that Kaoru-san has a trauma related to Global Synchronic Urban Disappearance.

But let’s go back to Seria Morino where it turns out that she has bad memories regarding her birthday. You see, Seria has a twin sister named Alice in which her parents poured their attention towards Alice rather than Seria.

Anyways, Alice and her parents went outside to buy some gifts, which left Seria to celebrate her birthday on her own.

That’s until the disaster happened in which a larger part of Ikebukuro has disappeared. Not only that, but Alice and her parents got caught in the Global Synchronic Urban Disappearance, meaning that Seria is the only survivor as she stayed indoors.

I have to say that Kaoru Sakakibara is not the only person who got traumatized as Seria Morino lost her entire family because of the disaster, which is why Seria doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday.

In any case, looks like Seria Morino went to Alice in Theater where she asked Doll to comfort her.

Then again, I don’t think Doll will understand Seria’s feelings simply because she’s an emotionless doll. But hey, Doll will do anything to cheer her up…

…by throwing a birthday cake to Seria. Well, it looks like Seria Morino is getting a little bit better thanks to Doll.

On the other hand, it appears that Airi Kagami is feeling jealous that she was supposed to cheer Seria up, but Doll did it instead. Oh boy, I smell some love triangle inside the theater.

One more thing, I’m worried about having hiccups on their next production as there’s a possibility that Jinguji-san might cancel her appearance at the last minute. But anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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