Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #03

Let’s go back to the past were I introduce you to Flare’s companions, Blade and Bullet. Despite their generic names, they’re also brutal towards Keyaru in many ways.

First off is Blade where the Sword Hero hated Keyaru for being Flare’s pet. Yeah, Blade has unhealthy affection towards Princess Flare to the point that he’s borderline yandere should anyone touches her.

And second of all is Bullet where the Gun Hero is very obsessive towards Keyaru. Oh and it comes in many flavors as Bullet slaps Keyaru’s body very hard that it leaves everlasting bruises.

Aside from physically abusing the healer, Bullet loves to fuck Keyaru’s ass like there’s no tomorrow. It’s no wonder why Keyaru wanted to kill both Blade and Bullet once he got the chance.

But now let’s move onto the present where Keyarga is still running away together with Freya, all while carrying out his revenge on those who abused him in the past.

One more thing, here’s an obligatory naked Freya ’cause after this, we’re getting serious on the story.

Anyways, Keyarga and Freya went to Lanaritta where the town is being stricken by a plague due to contaminated water. It would be bad if the disease spread beyond Lanaritta.

So, Keyarga decides to create an antidote and sell it for a profit. I mean, he’s the Hero of Healing after all.

Then again, would it be nice if he cleans the water supply? Nah, that won’t do any favors for him financially.

Of course, some people will need to know if his antidote is legit, so therefore Keyarga gave them a sample in order to prove that his antidote works.

And as you can see, this man is completely healed that the merchant is convinced that Keyarga’s antidote is the real deal.

In any case, the merchant bought his pack of antidote for 28 gold coins. Basically, that’s enough money for Keyarga and Freya to survive for 6 months.

Of course, Keyarga is not gonna spend it for food though. Oh, and he can’t stay in Lanaritta for longer because this merchant might get more antidotes to the point that he might kill Keyarga.

So therefore, Keyarga went to the slave trader where he’ll use his gold coins to find a suitable slave, be it for combat or sex.

Fortunately, Keyarga found an ice wolf girl where he’s very interested on buying her because she’s similar to him, especially when her eyes are filled with vengeance.

However, the slave trader told Keyarga that the ice wolf girl is not good at everything, but Keyarga found some potential to this girl so therefore the Hero of Healing decides to buy this wolf girl. Let’s hope that he made a wise purchase.

One last thing, it appears that someone found out that the Hero of Healing is nowhere to be seen.

In fact, the mages and soldiers found out that this Keyaru body-double is actually Leonard. Man, I have to say that the kingdom is gonna conduct a manhunt soon.

Of course, Keyarga will have to make two steps ahead of them in order to accomplish his vengeful mission. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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