Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #04

Well everyone, it appears that Keyarga healed this slave’s wounds with his healing magic and it’s revealed that the ice wolf girl’s name is Setsuna. What a cute name for a wolf girl who’s bent on avenging her clan.

Speaking of Keyarga, it looks like he’s gonna wake Setsuna up as he’ll orally transfer the antidote to her. I mean, it’s the only way to give medicine to an unconscious wolf girl.

Then again, it appears that Setsuna is a bit feisty as she slaps Keyarga. Understandable since she hated those humans ever since her clan was attacked by them.

However, let’s not forget that Setsuna is still weak that Keyarga easily disarms her. Man, it appears that he made a wrong purchase after all.

Just kidding, he didn’t just buy Setsuna on a whim as Keyarga will do anything to make the ice wolf girl stronger. And you want to know how he’ll do it?

Simple, Keyarga will fuck Setsuna until he transfers his magically-infused bodily fluids onto her. Man, they’re emulating Fate/Stay Night, but this one is way better!

Let’s move onto the main event where soldiers from the Jioral Kingdom are currently capturing ice wolf girls. While it looks disgusting, it won’t be long before Keyarga arrives.

And here he is as Keyarga introduce himself as Blade, the Sword Hero. Sure that the real Blade won’t do that but Keyarga wants to frame the Sword Hero and then kill him afterwards.

But as you can see, Keyarga unleashes his swordsmanship against these soldiers where he cuts them easily. You may thank Kureha for her sword skills.

Also, here’s Freya where she still have her magic even though Keyarga thoroughly-brainwashed her. Glad that Keyarga got a magician as an ally on his quest for revenge.

And finally, here’s Setsuna where she went all-out on killing every soldier from the Jioral Kingdom. In any case, the ice wolf clan is saved thanks to Keyarga and his allies.

One more thing, it appears that Keyarga finally found out that the ice wolf clan made the water into a toxic one as they want to make the humans suffer.

While he’ll let the ice wolves continue their practice on toxifying the water supply, Keyarga asked Setsuna if she wants to purify the water or not.

And it turns out that she wants Keyarga to purify the water supply ’cause Setsuna wants the thrill of cutting those humans with her claws. Still, I wish they kept the toxic water ’cause those pesky humans deserved to suffer.

Afterwards, it’s time for another gratuitous sex scene between Keyarga and Setsuna. Oh by the way, Setsuna told her real name to Keyarga but we’ll know about that.

Still, Keyarga’s road to vengeance is very long as he need to find both Blade and Bullet so he can humiliate and kill them.

And once he’s done dealing with those scumbag heroes, Keyarga will destroy Jioral Kingdom for treating him badly. Oh I can’t wait to see that!

But let’s return to the Jioral Kingdom where the king realized that Keyaru has escaped. Thus, he released Leonard from prison as the king ordered the knight to capture both Keyaru and Flare.

Speaking of Leonard, his appearance was not restored as the knight kept the Hero of Healing’s appearance. Man, I wish Leonard got executed instead.

But you know something, Leonard might use Keyaru’s look as an advantage to trick both Freya and Setsuna, although Keyarga might beat him in the most horrible way possible. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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