Wonder Egg Priority Episode #04

Well everyone, we got a new character introduced named Momoe Sawaki where despite looking like a dude, Momoe is actually a girl as she’s saving various girls who are hatched from wonder eggs.

But anyways, let’s move onto the main story where Momoe (or Momotaro) is saving Miwa from this Wonder Killer who molests on young girls. First is crazy fans, now we’re dealing with lecherous adults?

Unfortunately, Sawaki is struggling to slay this Wonder Killer with her trusty umbrella. Man, he parried her attack like it was nothing to him.

Meanwhile, Miwa decides to save Momotaro by offering her body to the Wonder Killer. Please don’t do this, I beg you!

But seriously though, the Wonder Killer is one lecherous asshole who’s now holding a shirt from a young girl.

Of course, Momoe Sawaki doesn’t want him molesting Miwa forever as she’s gonna deliver the fatal blow to the Wonder Killer.

In any case, this lecherous Wonder Killer is finally defeated, thus he can no longer molest Miwa anymore.

As for Miwa, she thanked Sawaki for saving her, although I wish Miwa will have a better life since there are some people who still wants to molest on young girls like her.

But let’s go back to Ai Ohto where she lost her partner Rika Kawai in the previous episode. Now, she’s stuck with two eccentric Yu-Yu fans where they gave Ai-chan their light sticks.

Oh and speaking of light sticks, they transformed into light sabers which is very useful for cutting down Sachiko’s tentacles.

In any case, looks like Ai Ohto managed to beat the Madame of Asagaya. You may thank the Yu-Yu fans for giving her their light sticks.

However, it seems that Sachiko is still alive where she captured Ai-chan and restrain her. Man, I’m worried that Sachiko might kill those two fans for good.

Fortunately, someone throw a scissor blade onto the Madame of Asagaya as Ai-chan broke free from her tentacles.

Not only that, but Rika Kawai is back where she broke free from petrification and made a dynamic entry to save the day.

Oh, and Rika cut Sachiko’s tentacles into pieces. Well, looks like this Wonder Killer is about to get wrecked soon!

Well then, looks like it’s game over for the Madame of Asagaya as Ai Ohto is gonna deliver one nasty bonk to Sachiko’s head.

And with that, this Wonder Killer is finally defeated as Ai-chan and Rika saved both Yu-Yu fans from being killed in the dream world.

Of course, I feel that these two fans won’t ever return to the real world as they rather stay with their idol for eternity.

On the other hand, I wonder if those girls that are hatched from their wonder eggs are revived once they’re saved? I guess I’ll never know for sure.

Now then, here’s Neiru Aonuma where she made a speedy recovery as Neiru performed a somersault. It appears that being a savior of wonder eggs has some benefits like faster healing.

Anyways, Neiru got out of the hospital as she’s riding a limousine together with Ai Ohto.

By the way, Neiru Aonuma is actually a rich kid and not only that, she’s also a president of a large company. How awesome is that?

Oh yeah, she has a personal secretary named Misaki Tanabe where it seems that Neiru is well-respected among her employees.

But seriously, it’s very surreal that a rich kid like Neiru Aonuma is saving wonder eggs. Of course, she doesn’t save girls on a whim as I bet that Neiru is saving someone dear to her.

Regardless, I’m glad that Neiru Aonuma is okay, but I wish she would ask Ai Ohto for help when she’s dealing a tougher enemy.

Moving back to Momoe Sawaki where she laments about her dear friend Haruka. Even if she’s attracted by various girls because of her boyish looks, Momoe deeply cared about Haruka ever since she passed away.

And speaking of Haruka, she’s really in love with Momoe although it’s unfortunate that the world won’t allow her intimate relationship with the same sex. Honestly, I need to know why Haruka ended her life as there’s more to just falling in love with Momoe.

Still, Momoe Sawaki will do anything to save Haruka’s life but I feel that she’ll have a long road ahead on getting her wish granted.

On the other hand, it appears that Momoe Sawaki met Ai Ohto in which Ai-chan is astonished about Momoe’s appearance. C’mon, Sawaki looked like a dude after all!

Also, here’s both Neiru Aonuma and Rika Kawai as they saw Ai-chan talking to Momoe Sawaki. Looks like the gang has finally assembled.

In any case, looks like these 4 girls will have to work together from now on if they want to revive their loved ones.

While Momoe and Ai-chan really cared about reviving their respective friends, I found it iffy about Rika’s No. 1 fan Chiemi where I feel that reviving her is a waste as Rika treats Chiemi like a personal ATM. Oh and let’s not forget about Neiru where I don’t know who she wants to save.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where the quartet will save the wonder eggs from See No Evil!

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