Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu Episode #05

Here’s Rudeus Greyrat where he’s about to take his first job together with Ghislaine. Oh, and it’ll take 5 years to complete it, meaning that Rudy is gonna miss Sylphiette for a long time. So, what’s the nature of his job?

Well, it turns out that Rudy will tutor the mayor’s daughter, from etiquette to magic. By the way, this manservant standing beside Rudeus looked intimidating.

Oh yes, and here’s the mayor named Philip Boreas Greyrat who is actually Paul’s cousin.

Okay, seems that he used his family connections to let his son get hired as a tutor. Of course, I want to meet Philip’s daughter.

Anyways, this is Eris where she looks bossy. Okay, looks like Rudy is gonna deal with a tsundere character.

Then again, she’s 100% tsun as Eris punched Rudy to the face. While he got beaten up in his previous life, this one is far devastating ’cause Rudeus is dealing with a violent girl.

Still, Rudy can’t give up just yet as he’s gonna work hard to pay the tuition fee for himself and Sylphy. C’mon, Rudy wants his friend to attend to Ranoa Magic Academy together.

Now then, it’s time for Rudy to come up an idea of making Eris study diligently instead of being a rowdy girl throughout her life. So, how will Rudy do it?

Well, Rudy will let someone capture him and Eris as hostages. Now while Rudy is safe as he can get out of this cell, I wonder if Eris is okay?

Oh, she’s here but it appears that Eris is still sleeping. Looks like it’s time to wake this princess up!

Then again, Rudeus decides to flaunt his skills as he told Eris that she should have learned magic in order to get out of this cell. Um Rudy, you know that Eris might clobber you to death if you say mean things to her.

On the other hand, looks like the captors have arrived as Rudeus thought that one of them is disguised as Ghislaine. C’mon, his plan is working so far.

Except that this goon got a bit rough towards Eris. Okay Mr. Not-so-nice Guy, stomping Eris’ face is a heinous crime!

In any case, Rudeus realized that they’re not acting as goons anymore as they’re actually criminals who wants to sell him and Eris to slavery.

So, it’s time for him and Eris to get out of this cell because this is a dangerous situation where these goons might kill them. Man, I feel that Ghislaine should rescue them.

Now that they got out of the cell, it’s time for Rudy to heal Eris ’cause having scars on her face is not good.

Unfortunately, the goons have caught up with them as they nabbed Eris away from Rudeus. Philip would be very angry if his daughter is sold to slavery.

Good thing Rudy managed to stop those two goons by creating a stone wall to block their path. Of course, Rudy needs Ghislaine to apprehend the criminals.

By the way, here’s this manservant from before as it turns out that he’s the mastermind behind Eris’ kidnapping. Oh and the reason for it is because he’s really annoyed at Eris, especially when she beat up everyone she sees.

Anyways, he offered Rudeus to work with them in exchange for a large sum of money, which is said that it’s big enough to cover the tuition fees for both him and Sylphiette.

While the offer sounds tempting for Rudy, it would put shame to the Greyrat family if he joins a band of goons. So, he declined the offer as Rudy wants to rescue Eris.

Besides, Rudy learned that there’s more important things in life than just money. And really, his previous life is miserable where he spends his parents’ money buying figures and games just to escape the harsh outside world.

Now he refused the goons’ offer, Rudy shoots fireworks in order for someone to notice it and possibly rescue them. For that treacherous manservant and his goons, they won’t forgive Rudy for sending a signal for help.

In any case, it’s time for Rudy to save Eris by creating an earth pillar straight into the goons’ groin. Yeah, it’s very painful but at least Eris is freed!

Once he created earth magic straight to the nuts, Rudy managed to grab her and make their escape. Oh, and Rudy is gonna fly away using wind magic.

However, one of the goons throw a sword at them, which is very bad ’cause Rudy can’t use his magic to block a flying sword. If only Ghislaine is here…

Well, our prayers have been answered as Ghislaine has arrived to not only destroy the sword, but also fatally slash them. Gotta say that she managed to notice Rudy’s fireworks signal for help.

In the end, Ghislaine is the real heroine as she saves both Rudeus and Eris from criminals. While Rudy protected Eris, he couldn’t stop those goons by himself.

And speaking of Rudy, he’ll have to kill someone to protect his loved ones someday as the world is very cruel.

As for the manservant, looks like he’ll executed for kidnapping Philip’s daughter. Even though she’s annoying, Philip really cares about Eris.

One more thing, looks like Eris is starting to warm up towards Rudeus after protecting her from criminals. Then again, I wonder if she’s eager to learn everything from Rudeus?

Regardless, I have to say that Rudeus will spend his 5 years training Eris into a proper lady. Then again, I’m hoping that he won’t seduce Eris much like his father Paul.

That’s about it for this episode as I’m hoping that Rudy will be fine on the next episode!

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