Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #05

Well everyone, I have to say that it’s time for Keyarga to head towards another town but before he makes his departure together with Freya and Setsuna, Keyarga will have to deal with a sleazy merchant named Ledra Goldman.

Or should I say Quinta where this merchant is said to be working for the Jioral Kingdom. Even he is surprised by Keyarga’s deduction of his true identity.

Regardless, Keyarga sold his potion recipe to Ledra for 500 gold pieces. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Well, turns out that Keyarga rip the merchant off ’cause even though Ledra copied the recipe, it won’t work unless it contained Keyarga’s antibodies.

Oh, and let’s not forget that he already healed the water supply, meaning that Ledra Goldman’s potion business is royally screwed. But hey, at least Keyarga got the money so it’s time to leave Lanaritta.

Unfortunately, looks like Keyarga will have to deal with a certain swordswoman who really don’t like someone stealing her secret sword techniques. That’s right, Kureha Krylet has returned and she’s really angry at Keyarga.

Sadly for Kureha, her sword got destroyed thanks to Keyarga’s alchemy. Well, it appears that this swordswoman is about to get beaten by vengeful hero of healing.

And here’s Keyarga where he’s gonna slice Kureha down. Looks like it’s checkmate then!

Except that Kureha Krylet has an extra sword in which she cuts Keyarga’s right arm. Yeah, that’s really painful!

Just kidding, Keyarga can grow his right arm back as he’s gonna heal Kureha’s mind. Time for this swordswoman to learn the horrible truth about the Jioral Kingdom.

And seriously, the Jioral Kingdom only care about themselves where they pillage, murder, and rape demi-humans for their enjoyment. Now you know why Keyarga has a deep grudge towards the Jioral Kingdom.

Anyways, looks like Kureha Krylet lost the battle as she goes down. Of course, Keyarga has more in store for this swordswoman.

So, Kureha was taken to a room where she still has doubt if the Jioral Kingdom is truly an evil empire. Well, she’ll learn it the hard way.

Starting with Keyaru where he told Kureha about the kingdom’s evil deeds. By the way, Keyarga changed his appearance to his old self just to fool the swordswoman.

Oh, and here’s Princess Flare where she convinced Kureha that the Jioral Kingdom are really evil that they tried to silence her and Keyaru, thus they ran away. Nice acting there Freya!

Now that Kureha Krylet learned the horrible truth, looks like Keyarga finally got another ally for his vengeful quest. Of course, there’s one more thing he needs to do towards Kureha.

That’s right, time for Kureha to submit her body to Keyarga. Sure that she got hurt a little bit, but Kureha will enjoy her first sex eventually. Well, that’s about it for this episode!

Of course, Keyarga will have to deal with Leonard where he still has Keyaru’s likeness. Oh I hope Keyarga will deal with this asshole on the next episode ’cause it’ll be bad if Leonard poses as the Hero of Healing.

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