Yuru Camp 2nd Season Episode #06

Let’s continue from the previous episode as the trio are currently camping near Lake Yamanaka. And seriously, I wish Nadeshiko Kagamihara and Rin Shima joined them!

By the way, Chiaki Oogaki bought two seats in order to create a makeshift hammock. As you can see, it’s very comfortable as Ena Saitou demonstrates its usefulness.

On the other hand, looks like Ena-chan brought her dog to the trip. Just kidding, Ena’s pet dog is currently at home but I have to say that this corgi looked cute.

Oh yeah, this corgi belonged to this lovely lady named Iida-san where she loves to camp together with her dog. Well that’s nice of her.

And now it’s time for the trio to send a commemorative photo of themselves to both Nadeshiko and Rin.

Unfortunately, they ran out of batteries on their smartphones which kinda sucks for those girls. It would be bad if one of them got caught in an accident.

Meanwhile, here’s Shimarin where I expected her to be jealous, but Rin is concerned about the girls as camping at Cape Ohmama has some challenges.

Since they’re camping at near 1,000 meters above sea level, the weather conditions where the temperature goes below -2 degrees Celsius. Oh boy, they’re ill-prepared on staying at a colder climate.

Anyways, looks like it’s time for the girls to find something warmer as nighttime approaches where the temperature dips even further.

Here, you have Chiaki Oogaki where she’s currently sprinting towards the convenience store to buy handwarmers and cardboard. I’m not sure if Chiaki has enough money to buy handwarmers.

Meanwhile, looks like Ena Saitou and Aoi Inuyama are about to get some firewood, but the office is already closed so they can’t have anything to keep themselves warm.

Fortunately, a fellow camper decides to help both Ena and Aoi ’cause it’s dangerous to stay at a cold outdoors for too long. Still, I wonder if that person is trust-worthy.

Regardless, the girls accept the camper’s helping hand as they went inside this tepee-style tent.

There, both Ena and Aoi are greeted by Iida-san as she’s joined by this old dude who happened to be her father. Oh, and this guy loves to play RC airplanes.

Oh yeah, it appears that they welcomed both girls for a hot pot dinner. Man, both Ena Saitou and Aoi Inuyama are very lucky but I wonder what happened to Chiaki Oogaki?

Now then, here’s Minami Toba where she’s currently searching for her students as Toba-sensei is worried that they might get frostbite. Sadly, she can’t find her students.

Well actually, Toba-sensei found one of them but man, Chiaki Oogaki looked scary as she finally arrived at the campsite complete with handwarmers and cardboard.

And so, Minami Toba lectured her students to be very cautious and well-prepared when camping at colder climates. Glad that she’s acting like a responsible teacher for once.

Well, that’s until this old man invites Toba-sensei for a drink as he brought some high-quality sake.

And as you can see, the responsible teacher that is Minami Toba got thrown off the window as she becomes a drunkard.

Um Toba-sensei, you have to stay at Cape Ohmama for one night ’cause you’re sobered-up to drive home.

In any case, I have to say that Chiaki, Ena, and Aoi-chan enjoyed their time at Cape Ohmama as they not only see the beautiful scenery near Lake Yamanaka, but they got a hot pot dinner together with some fellow campers.

As for the cardboard and handwarmers that Chiaki bought earlier? I don’t know if they already used it or they decided to keep it for future trips. Oh well, at least they have a safe trip at Cape Ohmama.

One last thing, looks like Rin Shima got a call from Nadeshiko Kagamihara where she wants to tell something important.

You see, Nadeshiko plans to go on a camping trip by herself. Now while it’s a bold statement, I’m worried that Nadeshiko might have trouble on her solo camping excursion.

With that said, I’m hoping that Kagamihara will be fine on the next episode as she’ll have a great time camping on her own.

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