Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #06

Well everyone, this is bad news as Leonard and his men captured villagers from Keyaru’s hometown Allan. C’mon, they did this just to lure out the Hero of Healing.

For Keyaru or Keyarga, he’s angry that his fellow villagers got captured by the Jioral Kingdom, although he’s concerned about Anna where she’s not with the rest of them.

Thus, he decides to disguise himself as one of the soldiers just to see Leonard, who still has Keyaru’s face albeit he burned his right eye with a hot iron stake.

But here’s Keyarga where he reveals himself to Leonard and his soldiers, although this vengeful hero is fully-prepared when it comes to dealing with a group of men.

For one, Keyarga poisoned everyone inside the room so that they won’t move at all. It would be nice if Keyarga’s poison smoke has a fatal dose.

And now, it’s time for Keyarga to learn what Leonard did to his fellow villagers in Allan, especially Anna where Keyarga treated her as an older sister.

Unfortunately, Keyarga found out that Leonard raped Anna until she’s completely broken.

Well, looks like he’s really angry towards the imperial knight, but Keyarga won’t kill Leonard.

So, Keyarga changed Leonard’s appearance into a girl. Leonard looked so hot that various men will fuck the imperial knight.

And speaking of Keyarga, that’s what he’ll trying to pull towards that asshole as the Hero of Healing wants this knight to get raped as a woman.

In any case, looks like Leonard got what he (or she) deserved for violating Anna. Now, I wonder if Anna is still alive?

Well, Keyarga went to the throne room where Anna is held there.

Sadly, he found out that Anna died due to various abuse she received by imperial soldiers. Keyarga tries to heal her but to no avail.

Seriously, this is the final straw that broke Keyarga completely as he vowed to crush the Jioral Kingdom no matter what.

But first, he needs to have sex with both Freya and Setsuna because Keyarga is stressed-out. After all, Keyarga lost his only family member thanks to Leonard and his men.

In any case, Keyarga had a bad day on this episode as he failed to save Anna, thus he shed tears while fucking Freya and Setsuna.

Still, he needs to keep pressing forward on crushing the Jioral Kingdom but Keyarga will have to deal with a certain princess.

This is Norn Clatalissa Jioral, Flare’s younger sister who is far more savage than her older sister. Oh yeah, turns out that Princess Norn knows Keyaru’s plan for revenge, right down to having drug resistance.

So yeah, Princess Norn is the most diabolical person that Keyarga is scared about, but he has no grudge on her at the moment since Keyarga is focused on killing both Blade and Bullet. But should Keyarga learned that Princess Norn is the one who ordered her soldiers to attack Allan, he’ll surely punish her.

For now, it’s time for Keyarga to save his fellow villagers as Kureha Krylet told him that there will be a public execution at the colosseum. Sounds risky for Keyarga to save them.

But anyways, we’re at the colosseum where this priest wants the Hero of Healing to show himself so that his fellow villagers will be saved.

Then again, I doubt it ’cause the Jioral Kingdom will execute Keyaru and everyone else from Allan anyway. What scumbags they are!

In any case, Keyaru has finally showed himself to everyone, although I fear that it’ll be a losing situation for him ’cause everyone will hate his guts. Well then, let’s hope that the Hero of Healing will get out of this sticky situation next time!

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