WIXOSS Diva(A)Live Episode #07

Well everyone, here’s Hirana Asu where she’s joined by Akino Onko and Mujika Yotogi as they try to stop the duel between Rei Sakigake and Madoka Maka.

Unfortunately, it gets worse when Sanga Shinonome got involved where she wants to see Rei’s pathetic face upon losing the battle. Man, this is not good for Rei Sakigake!

Of course, Rei won’t give up the fight as she puts a card into play that would make or break her. C’mon, she’s putting her song on the line after all.

In any case, looks like Rei Sakigake won her duel over Madoka Maka, therefore Rei can keep the song that she composed for her new teammates.

However, that made Madoka very angry as she slaps Rei very hard. Man, Madoka really wants to destroy everything that Rei hold dear ever since she abandoned her old teammates.

Of course, Rei didn’t abandon her teammates just because they’re treated as a hindrance.

Okay, looks like someone wants to make Rei and Madoka fight. I mean, she doesn’t like anyone who can’t give their all.

Anyways, looks like this person has decided to show herself as Sanga Shinonome is the one who mislead Madoka into hating Rei.

And seriously, Sanga is one little asshole who told a big fat lie to Madoka and use her to crush Rei. Man, that was pathetic!

Even Madoka Maka doesn’t like anyone telling lies to her. In any case, this total scumbag that is Sanga shouldn’t manipulate Madoka just because she sees Rei with contempt.

And speaking of Rei Sakigake, she told Sanga Shinonome to stop holding a grudge against her ’cause it’s very bad for Sanga to be stuck in the past instead of moving forward.

Okay Sanga Shinonome, it’s time for you to apologize and reconcile with Rei Sakigake.

But yes, I think this drama between Rei and her former teammates have finally resolved, which I have to say that was really quick.

You know something, I was looking forward for Rei Sakigake and Madoka Maka to have a duel at the shadow realm, but it didn’t happen so I was disappointed.

Anyways, it’s time for the Diva Battle between No Limit and Diagram where both teams are evenly-matched. Of course, No Limit needs to win after suffering losses in previous episodes.

Now then, looks like No Limit is about to destroy Diagram as they activate their Piece card, although Muzica mocks Hirana by mispronouncing her name.

That made her very angry as she told Muzica that her name is Hirana, not something else like Hirame! Oh I hope it’s not a bad omen ’cause being irritable will bring her down.

Fortunately, No Limit managed to defeat Diagram, meaning that Hirana’s Diva team stopped their winning streak.

Afterwards, Madoka asked Rei is she became stronger than before. You know something, I’m scared that Rei will berate her former teammate again.

However, Rei told Madoka that she improved a lot ever since she joined Diagram. Looks like they become friends again which is a good thing.

And now, let’s end this episode where No Limit performed “Glory Grow” during Diva Time. While their song is decent, I’m hoping that No Limit will move up to the ladder in order to become the best Diva team in WIXOSS Land.

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