Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #07


Oh look, it’s Keyaru as he decided to drop the innocent act of surrendering to the Jioral Kingdom and went on a killing spree… by exploding those soldiers with his healing powers.

Of course, they’ll kill those villagers should Keyaru continues to resist. Then again, I doubt that Jioral Kingdom will set them free because they don’t give a fuck about commoners’ lives.

On the other hand, looks like the colosseum is being cloaked by a special barrier where not only the prisoners won’t get out, but they’ll suffocate unless they’re wearing a special necklace.

Wait a minute, this barrier would not only kill Keyaru and his fellow villagers from Allan, but also the spectators too.

Suffice to say, it appears that the barrier has been tampered with as the soldiers who are wearing the necklace are dropping dead.

Well, at least this priest noticed about the tampered barrier and throw the necklace away. Gotta say that Keyaru or should I say Keyarga thought about everything.

However, he didn’t think that the Jioral Kingdom would poison his fellow villagers should Keyarga saved one of them. Oh boy, looks like Keyarga is very angry as he’ll bring out the big guns.

That’s where Freya comes into play, posing as Princess Flare of course as she convince everyone that the Jioral Kingdom is evil where they pillage and rape everyone who opposes them, including demi-humans.

Of course, some of them don’t believe at her but Princess Flare will prove to them that she’s the real deal.

Then again. I’m worried that her magic wand might break upon casting a powerful spell. Oh I hope that it’s not a bad omen!

But anyways, Princess Flare casts Fixed Star in which everyone is convinced that she’s alive, even though the real Princess Flare is no more (I hope) as Keyarga brainwash her into Freya.

Thanks to Princess Flare, looks like the people have risen up against the Jioral Kingdom. Oh yeah, this priest got stabbed to the heart which is a fitting death to him.

Then again, I have to say that it’s gonna be a slaughterhouse as soldiers are trying to quell the rebellious commoners but to no avail. But hey, Keyarga did a great job of starting a rebellion.

Now then, here’s Keyarga where he managed to save one of his fellow villagers. Unfortunately, he can’t take the boy to his journey so Keyarga decided to give him to Ledra Goldman.

Okay, why would Keyarga give the boy to a treacherous merchant? I mean, he tried to scam Keyarga before the Hero of Healing outsmarted him.

Speaking of Keyarga, he wants to use Ledra Goldman (or Quinta) as much as he can. Of course, Keyarga will gladly kill Quinta if the merchant double-cross him.

Oh by the way, since the boy is the only survivor and he’s really angry towards Keyaru (or Keyarga) for not saving everyone, Keyarga wants the boy to stay angry ’cause that’ll make him stronger.

Now then, looks like it’s time for Keyarga and his companions to head towards Branica, but Kureha Krylet warned him that Princess Norm is conducting an expedition towards the city. It would be bad if they meet again.

Speaking of Princess Norn, she’s aware that the course of history has changed, therefore Princess Norn must stop both Keyaru and Princess Flare no matter what.

Man, I’m really scared on what Princess Norn would do towards her older sister and the Hero of Healing. Still, I’m hoping that Keyarga would outsmart Princess Norn.

But now, let’s end this episode where Keyarga have sex with his companions. On the other hand, looks like Freya is developing feelings towards him.

Then again, I have to say that the reason for Freya’s growing feelings to Keyarga is because of his brainwashing. But you know what, at least Freya is still horny and that’s why he loves it!

Anyways, I’m done on this episode as I see you next time where Keyarga and his party are heading to Branica.

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