Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table Episode #07

Let’s start this episode where we look into a memory of a certain rich boy. Then again, this boy is treated poorly because he was a illegitimate child, meaning that his life is very restricted.

Oh yeah, this memory belonged to Krusty in which I’m surprised that he had a rough childhood before playing Elder Tale.

But let’s move onto Part 2 of Krusty: Tycoon Lord where our hero met Kanami at the Sirius Grotto. Oh yeah, Kanami has a wolf which will be important later.

Still, Krusty can’t believe that the former leader of Debauchery Tea Party would show up in Zhongyuan, although he’s still shaken thanks to his negative stats curse aside from memory loss.

Now then, here’s Hua Diao where she’s looking for Krusty at the Sirius Grotto. Unfortunately, Hua Diao will encounter a monster that might kill her.

This is a Nue where this half-raid boss is not supposed to appear unless there’s 12 Adventurers present.

But thanks to the Geniuses, Nue has appeared to terrorize everything in sight, regardless if there’s a large group of Adventurers present in the area.

Fortunately, Krusty has arrived to save Hua Diao even though the curse still affects him. Of course, he has Kanami to help him out but Krusty has a tough battle ahead.

Oh yeah, here’s Enchantress Youren where she finally showed her true colors and decided to summon a hero to stop both Kanami and Krusty.

And it’s none other than Elias Hackblade where Youren has full control of the fairy hero. Dammit Youren, I have no doubt that you’re actually a Genius.

Luckily, Leonardo the Frog Ninja will take care of Elias Hackblade, but he needs to save Coppelia first as Leonardo toss the maid to Kanami.

Of course, I’m worried that Leonardo won’t stand a chance against Elias Hackblade as his strength is comparable to a raid boss.

However, Leonardo believes that Elias won’t kill anyone outright. Then again, Elias wants to break free from his supposed curse in which prevents him from committing murder.

But let’s move back to Krusty where he restores his MP and gains enchantment in exchange for his memories.

This is one of Krusty’s Overskill called Mnemosyne’s Taboo and it’s very dangerous ’cause Krusty will lose his entire personality.

Even so, Krusty can’t defeat Youren in which she can restore her HP by attacking him. Man, I don’t want him to lose in Zhongyuan.

On the other hand, looks like Youren will whip Hua Diao with her life-draining tentacles until she’s dead. Okay, Youren needs to be killed as soon as possible!

Fortunately, Hua Diao is saved by this wolf as it uses its body to guard the retainer from Youren’s tentacles.

Sadly, this wolf is done for where it’ll turn into a spirit. Then again, Krusty thinks that there’s something odd regarding the wolf.

Turns out that this wolf is actually Misa, rather it was born from her essence as Misa tries to regain Krusty’s lost memories. Then again, Krusty might lose it again using Mnemosyne’s Taboo.

Speaking of Krusty’s memories, turns out that he met Bucaphi at Kunlun where the Queen Mother of the West invited Krusty to be her vassal, but Krusty refuses and so Bucaphi gave him a negative status curse and was transported to Zhongyuan.

By the way, Kunlun is located at the moon, meaning that Krusty went to outer space much like Shiroe and Akatsuki.

In any case, looks like Krusty is finally freed from his curse in addition to regaining his memories.

Oh yeah, turns out that the wolf is actually Misa’s severed right arm, which is kinda creepy for Krusty to see a twitching arm but I’m glad that he finally retrieve it.

But thanks to Misa, Krusty can finally defeat Enchantress Youren who’s confirmed that she’s a Witch Genius named Papus. Looks like this Genius won’t terrorize Zhongyuan anymore.

Meanwhile, Zhu Huan and the rest of the Lelang Wolf Cavalry have finally arrived at Sirius Grotto to defeat the Nue.

Then again, the half-raid boss has gone weaker now that it’s no longer under Papus’ control.

In any case, Kanami and her allies managed to kill the Nue in Sirius Grotto. Now all that’s left is Elias Hackblade.

Fortunately, Leonardo punched the fairy hero to his senses. By the way, Leonardo almost died when fighting against Elias Hackblade as his HP is less than 25%.

And speaking of Leonardo, he told Elias that it’s not some curse who prevents him from killing everyone, it’s in his pledge on not committing murder.

Well, I have to say that Leonardo managed to save the fairy hero from becoming a berserker. Oh yeah, I found out that he’s actually a fan of Elias Hackblade, which is why Leonardo knows about his quirks on not killing monsters.

With that said, looks like Krusty and his allies have defeated both Youren and the Nue, therefore his story is over.

Except that it’s not yet over as Krusty tackled Bupachi together with Kanami and her companions, as well as the Lelang Wolf Cavalry. I mean, he doesn’t want to sit down and relax most of the time.

Well then, that’s the end of Krusty: Tycoon Lord as they defeated the Queen Mother of the West and brought peace in Zhongyuan.

Of course, Kanami and her companions will continue their journey towards Yamato. But as for Krusty? Well, he has other plans…

You see, he’s not content of staying in Zhongyuan or join Kanami in her return to Yamato as Krusty plans to travel to the moon and fight Geniuses. Oh that madlad!

For Princess Raynesia, she doesn’t want Krusty to leave her forever as the princess wants her knight back as soon as possible. Then again, finding Krusty is a big problem for this princess.

On the other hand, looks like Shiroe has a devious plan to bring back Krusty and Misa’s right arm to Yamato. Oh boy, the villain in glasses is making his move that both Akatsuki and Minori are scared.

Then again, we’ll find out next time in regards to Shiroe’s plan but for now, that’s the end of Lieze and Misa’s puppet show!

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