Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #08

Looks like Keyarga managed to fix Freya’s staff after she used her powerful magic on the previous episode. Of course, he can’t fix her staff all day unless Keyarga finds Divine Armament in which those weapons are said to be unbreakable.

While he’ll find those Divine Armaments eventually, Keyarga has some business to attend with in Branica.

In any case, Keyarga and his party have finally arrived in Branica, a border town that separates between the Jioral Kingdom and the badlands that houses demi-humans or monsters.

Of course, Jioral Kingdom would abandon Branica since they don’t care about everyone, especially demi-humans and monsters.

However, thanks to some demon lord, Branica was revitalized where both humans and demons are now living together in harmony. Kinda surprising to see them drinking on a same table.

On the other hand, looks like Keyarga saw a familiar person that he uses his right eye to analyze on whether this person is the one he’s looking for.

This is Eve Reese, a girl from the Black Wing Clan who is actually a candidate to become the next demon lord. Of course in Keyarga’s previous timeline, she’s already a demon lord.

I’m surprised that this character from the first episode has returned, albeit having black hair instead of white as Eve is not yet a demon lord. Of course, the problem is that the Black Wing Clan are seen as cursed that everyone wants to hunt them down.

For the time being, Keyarga will have to enjoy the food as he casually talks to Eve Reese, although she tries to dodge about becoming a demon lord even though Keyarga confirms about her fate.

Unfortunately, their time at the pub was short-lived when someone attacked them. I don’t know if the Jioral Kingdom wants Branica back but man, this is real bad!

Fortunately, Keyarga and his party survived the explosion, as well as Eve Reese who managed to hold off on her own by creating a barrier. Then again, this demon lord candidate is still in danger…

Turns out that she was shot by a poison-tipped arrow to the hip. It appears that someone wants Eve dead because they see her as a threat.

But there goes Eve Reese as she’s about to get killed by assassins sent by the current demon lord.

And really, it’s gonna suck if Eve is gonna die here where she’s destined to become the next demon lord.

That’s where Keyarga comes in to rescue Eve Reese from those monsters using his deadly healing skills.

And as you can see, this minotaur archer is pretty much dead from the inside. I guess they haven’t learned that Keyarga is one dangerous hero.

Well then, it’s time for Keyarga and his party to take their leave as they rescue Eve Reese. C’mon, he wants to save the demon lord candidate because it would be beneficial for his revenge.

In any case, Keyarga offered Eve Reese to join his quest as they’ll remake the world where scumbags no longer exists. Oh yeah, he could help Eve on killing everyone who slaughtered her clan.

However, Eve Reese doesn’t trust Keyarga because she sees him as one of the heroes in which the Black Wing Clan despises them. Unlike those heroes like Blade and Bullet, Keyarga is different ’cause he really despise his fellow heroes for their scumbaggery.

With that said, Eve Reese takes her leave but Keyarga warned her that defending herself would prove to be difficult because everyone wants her dead. Would it be better if Eve joins Keyarga’s party since they desire for revenge?

The next day, Keyarga went to Eve’s hideout where he’s having a threesome with Setsuna and Freya. God, he’s very horny towards his party and Keyarga is doing it in front of Eve Reese.

Of course, Eve Reese is not interested on joining his party just because Keyarga is fucking his two girls. But you know what, I think Eve wants to have sex with Keyarga ’cause she’s starting to get horny.

And speaking of Keyarga, looks like he’s about to fuck Eve Reese and man, he really shows his penis to the demon lord candidate. I guess his healing powers managed to make it bigger and harder.

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode and I have to say that Eve is about to taste Keyarga’s dick next time. But once they’re done with it, I think they’ll tackle the current demon lord.

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