Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #09

Looks like Eve Reese doesn’t want to have sex with Keyarga for now. Sure that the Hero of Healing decided to back off, Keyarga believes that Eve will eventually crave for his penis.

Speaking of Eve Reese, she told Keyarga about a mythical bird that she’s trying to tame, but Eve has no time to do it because she’s currently running away from assassins.

Anyways, this is Caladrius where it not only heals people, but also make them sick if the mythical bird gets angry. It’s a perfect pet for Keyarga, but Eve Reese wants to tame Caladrius for herself in order to become the next demon lord.

However, the requirements of taming Caladrius is very strict where one person must travel across the globe. You know what, I think that subplot would be saved for another season.

For now, it’s time for Keyarga’s usual activity of having sex with Freya and Setsuna. C’mon, they’re horny after all!

On the other hand, it appears that Eve Reese is getting horny as she touches herself. I knew that she wants to have Keyarga’s penis!

Of course, Keyarga is not gonna force Eve to have sex with him ’cause he’ll wait for the day Eve Reese submits her heart and body to him.

Now then, it’s time for Keyarga to get back at those goons for attacking the pub on the previous episode as the Hero of Healing has a plan against them.

All he needs is to pour some aphrodisiac to one of their pet bulls and something hilarious will happen. I mean, Keyarga wants to turn the bull into a horny beast.

Turns out that the bull is now fucking those minotaurs until they’re dead. Sure that it was nasty but man, this is so goddamn funny to see!

One last thing, Keyarga bought a new staff to Freya but it appears that she can’t cast magic smoothly.

That’s where Keyarga’s alchemy comes into play where he adjusts Freya’s staff until she can cast magic easily. Heck, even the merchant is impressed by Keyarga’s skill.

So, the merchant told Keyarga that he wants his alchemic abilities to make his staves better. In exchange, he’ll give a mithril sword and some gold coins to Keyarga.

Well, I have to say that it was a good deal for the Hero of Healing as Keyarga agreed to modify those staves.

Unfortunately, it appears that Keyarga’s peaceful time in Branica is short-lived when the Jioral Kingdom comes to town. Man, they sent a large army to hunt down Keyaru.

Oh yeah, here’s Princess Norn Clatalissa Jioral in which she’s leading the expeditionary forces.

For Keyarga, fighting Princess Norn is gonna be difficult but then again, I think needs to keep his guard up against a familiar person.

That person is Blade where the Sword Hero joins Princess Norn’s army. This is real bad by more importantly, where’s Bullet?

Anyways, I have to say Keyarga will have to come up with a plan to bring both Princess Norn and Blade down as next episode will turn Branica into a bloody battlefield.

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