Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table Episode #09

Let’s start this episode with Minori where she’s wearing cute clothes today. You may thank Isuzu for making her look gorgeous.

Of course, Shiroe won’t notice it because he’s a busybody. But when Minori asked Shiroe to join her for a shopping trip, he agreed to her request surprisingly enough.

Well, I’m happy that Minori invited Shiroe for a shopping trip in Akiba and while it’s not technically a date, I consider it as one.

Meanwhile, there’s Rundelhaus Code where he’s really focused on learning magic by reading books. C’mon, he went from a Lander to an Adventurer thanks to Shiroe so Rundelhaus needs to get stronger.

Of course, Isuzu doesn’t want him to have a serious life as she wants Rundelhaus Code to enjoy some leisurely time for once.

Now then, it’s time for their shopping trip (counts as a date) where Shiroe and Minori went to the store to buy potions and other useful items.

Oh yeah, here’s the thing though as Minori and her fellow junior members are planning to participate in a raid quest soon.

Then again, it appears that Shiroe bought too much potions but you know what, it’s better to have more potions/antidotes than less of it.

While Shiroe and Minori are busy buying supplies, the rest of the junior members are having a training session as Tetra-chan will serve as their teacher.

Unfortunately, Tetra decided to give Touya and the rest a taste of hard mode as she summons a trio of orcs.

For the junior members plus the Mofur sisters, they are surely gonna die by those orcs. Um Tetra-chan, I think you should give them a weaker raid boss first before letting them fight against bigger ones.

Now then, here’s Akatsuki where she’ll accompany Minori and her fellow junior members for their raid training. Unlike Tetra, Akatsuki is very considerate to the junior members that she lowered her level.

Of course, Akatsuki is still a beginner when it comes to raid quests but she’s committed to become stronger in order to protect Shiroe whatever she can. Well then, I’m looking forward for Akatsuki to help the junior members of Log Horizon.

But the next day, Minori noticed that the guild building is somewhat empty as the likes of Shiroe and Akatsuki are nowhere to be found.

Well actually, the only people who are still inside the building are her fellow junior members, which I have a bad feeling that the enemy known as Ereinus has arrived.

Oh and to prove that the Genius is in Akiba, the sky has turned green. I have to say that there will be an intense battle on the next episode as the senior members of Log Horizon are already fighting Ereinus.

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