Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #10

Well, it appears that there’s a new hero introduced named Hawkeye where he’s one of the best archers in Jioral Kingdom. Then again, I was wondering what happened to Bullet since he suppose to join Princess Norn’s expedition to Branica?

Now then, let’s move onto Keyarga and his party where he finally secured a deal on selling his potions to Karman. Y’know, the merchant who sold a staff to Freya in the previous episode.

While the merchant is really happy to sell Keyarga’s potions at a higher price in Branica, especially when Princess Norn’s army is inside Branica, Karman told Keyarga about the rumors that the Sword Hero is raping young girls once he drugged them at the pub. Looks like Keyarga will have to take notes for that.

But first, Keyarga will need his daily dose of fucking Freya and Setsuna. C’mon, he’s horny after all but Keyarga wants Eve Reese to join him.

And speaking of Eve, looks like she couldn’t endure it anymore that this future demon lord wants to taste Keyarga’s penis. But for now, Eve Reese continues to masturbate.

Of course, since Blade is already in Branica together with Princess Norn, how will Keyarga deal with the Sword Hero?

Well, the only way to find out is from the Hero of Healing himself as Keyarga uses his alchemy skills to transform his appearance. I wonder if he’s gonna transform into Blade.

Turns out that Keyarga transforms into a girl named Keara. Okay, looks like the Hero of Healing has turned into a princess in which Keara will use her charm to seduce and kill Blade.

On the other hand, Freya and Setsuna was mesmerized by Keara’s cuteness, although Eve Reese felt confused over it. Well then, time for Keara to wear cute clothes and head to the pub.

Anyways, Keara is inside the pub where she finally met Blade. Isn’t this Sword Hero charming, especially when you want to punch his beautiful face?

Well, let’s leave that revenge part for the time being but for now, Keara will have some fun time with Blade.

But speaking of Blade, looks like he wants to be forceful by letting Keara drink his cup of wine straight from his mouth.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Blade’s cup of wine is spiked, meaning that Keara is getting really sleepy right now. God, I’m scared that Blade will do something bad to Keara.

And you know what, it appears that Keara is in a pinch where she’s tied up to a bed. I guess the rumors about the Sword Hero raping girls is true after all!

Speaking of the Sword Hero, looks like this asshole is revealed to be a woman as Blade has a thing for girls, especially Flare where she’s angry that the princess died.

With that said, looks like Keara is in danger as she’s about to get raped by sadistic lesbian swordswoman.

However, looks like Blade felt something weird when touching Keara’s crotch, almost as if she’s touching a man’s penis and a pair of testicles.

OMG, it appears that Keyarga retained his dick after changing himself into a girl. And sure that Rui Tsukiyo is writing borderline hentai, adding *ahem* futanari is both hilarious and horrifying to normal people.

As for Blade, it appears that she’s really disgusted that the Sword Hero touched a penis. But you know what, it’s time for Keyarga’s revenge towards the Sword Hero!

Of course, Keyarga will have to free himself using his alchemy skills because he doesn’t want being tied up in bed anymore.

Now then, let’s start his revenge as Keyarga kicked Blade to the stomach using his poison-tipped stiletto heels.

Well actually, Keyarga just graze Blade’s tummy which is enough for the poison to kick into the Sword Hero’s bloodstream.

Also, Keyarga throw a trio of knives towards Blade’s hands so that she won’t use her sword Ragnarok, which is said that it negates status effects and empowers the wielder.

Sadly, it looks like Blade is too little too late to use her sword as she fell asleep.

Unfortunately, that’s about it for this episode as Keyarga will continue to punish Blade next week. Man, what a bummer!

On the other hand, I wonder what’s in store for the last 2 episodes because Keyarga will have to deal with Princess Norn and her expeditionary forces? While Hawkeye is terrifying, I wish Bullet makes an appearance so that Keyarga will carry out his revenge on everyone.

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