Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #11

Oh look, it’s Blade where she finally woke up after getting poisoned by Keyarga or Keara. Of course, Keyarga/Keara has something to show for the Sword Hero.

You see, the Hero of Healing brought some naked dudes who are not only horny, but also hungry. God, Keyarga just straight up drug them but I wish that he would fuck Blade while posing as a girl.

With that said, looks like Blade is getting raped by disgusting men, although the only thing that she’s thinking right now is surviving the entire night ’cause these men wants to eat her.

Oh yeah, here’s Keara where the Hero of Healing just sits there and watch. I mean, she really loves seeing Blade being raped by men.

Sadly for Blade, it appears that she didn’t last long as these naked dudes chomp her body like goblins. Oh my god!

Well, that takes care of the Sword Hero, although Keyarga wants to take down Bullet as well.

Now then, it’s time for Keyarga to visit Karman where the merchant gave some gold coins. C’mon, Keyarga’s potions are a hit to many adventurers that Karman wants to share the profit to the Hero of Healing.

Unfortunately, it appears that Keyarga will have to deal with one particular hero named Hawkeye or should I say Trist Olgan as he’s behind the Hero of Healing.

While it sucks that Bullet didn’t show up, the only thing that Keyarga needs to focus is to defeat Trist Olgan as fighting him head-on will prove to be difficult. I mean, his presence alone would make the Hero of Healing shiver with fear.

So in order to defeat Trist Olgan, Keyarga needs to have his own Divine Arms. Good thing he got a crystal ball from Blade in which Keyarga will make a pact on it.

With that said, Keyarga got his own Divine Arms called Georgius where it resembles a gauntlet. If only Georgius got a red color- Wait, this is not Boosted Gear.

Now that Keyarga has Georgius, he has a fighting chance against both Trist Olgan and Princess Norn Clatalissa Jioral. Then again, his victory is not guaranteed because Princess Norn and Hawkeye are way more cunning than the Hero of Healing.

For now, it’s time for Keyarga to do his usual routine of having a threesome with Freya and Setsuna. Of course, he wants an orgy with Eve Reese someday.

Speaking of Eve Reese, looks like she’s still masturbating that Eve wants to have sex with Keyarga. C’mon, her body doesn’t lie anymore ’cause Eve Reese is craving it!

Now then, let’s move onto Princess Norn Clatalissa Jioral where she declared her intentions to liberate Branica from demons. Oh really Princess Norn, why would your kingdom decided to take back Branica after abandoning it for so long?

Still, Princess Norn will continue to liberate Branica with her own brand of justice… by killing every innocent civilians in this town. God, she’s way more than Princess Flare.

Oh yeah, it appears that the Jioral Kingdom killed Karman where he’s trying to help civilians escape. Damn, why do they have to kill a merchant?

Sadly by the time Keyarga reached the merchant, Karman is already dead. Man, if only Keyarga learned resurrection but this is really depressing as he got a genuine ally.

Oh and here are the soldiers where they’re gonna kill the Hero of Healing, although they should have run away ’cause Keyarga is really mad right now.

I mean look at his expression while he activates Georgius. Keyarga is gonna make the kingdom pay for killing innocent people.

But yes, looks like Keyarga will have a no-holds barred beatdown against Princess Norn and her expeditionary forces in Branica. Sadly, we’re down to the final episode and I’m hoping that Keyarga will punish Princess Norn in the most humiliating way!

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