The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episodes #10 & #11

Well everyone, it appears that the caretakers of Grace Field have decided to ship all of the children out of the farm.

Sure that most of the kids are excited to have parents, little did they know that they’re gonna become human meat once they’re out of the wild.

For Phil and the rest, they really concerned about their safety considering that Emma and a few of her friends got out of Grace Field.

Then again, Emma and the rest are planning to save everyone as they return to the orphanage where it’s reported to have a portal to the human world.

Still, the entire facility is heavily-guarded ever since the children escaped, so the demons beef up the security in case Emma and her fellow escapees returned to Grace Field.

Anyways, when they heard that the escapees are planning to rescue the rest of the children in Grace Field, the demons are ready to stop them as they destroy a hot air balloon which they thought that Emma and the rest are riding it.

Except that it’s actually a decoy as the demons found out that the hot air balloon is empty. Okay, where are the escapees?

Oh, they’re already inside Grace Field as Ray and the rest are taking out the demon guards while finding the elevator that leads to the portal.

While Emma and the rest are busy fighting demons, Phil told his fellow kids to run away from the caretakers as much as possible.

Then again, would it be better if they went to the underground at meet up with Emma?

Well, they actually did as Phil and the rest of the children finally met with Emma. Looks like it’s time for them to enter into the human world.

Except that they’re caught in a trap where the caretakers are already pointed their guns at the children. God, I knew that Peter Ratri is baiting them.

And here’s Peter Ratri where he told Emma and the rest to surrender ’cause no matter what they do, they’ll never escape their fate of being fodder to demons.

However, in some twist of fate, it looks like Isabella decided to point her submachine gun at Peter Ratri as she wants to save the children from becoming food.

Okay Isabella, I thought that you’re gonna follow the demons’ orders now that you’ve become the grandmother of Grace Field? Aside from Isabella’s sudden change of heart, there’s more to come!

You see, Sonju and Mujika rallied the demons as they decided to destroy the old order.

Looks like those demons who are loyal to the nobles couldn’t stand a chance, especially when they have Mujika’s blood which they don’t degenerate.

And speaking of Mujika, she’s joined with Vylk as they’re here to help Emma on stopping this millennium-long conflict once and for all.

Oh yeah, here’s Peter Ratri where he’s horrified that Mujika, the girl whose cursed blood prevents demons from degenerating, is alive and she’s now leading the rebellion.

In any case, it’s checkmate as Emma told Peter to surrender and ask him to join her cause on creating an everlasting peace between demons and humans.

Unfortunately, Peter Ratri decided to give them a “fuck you!” moment as he’ll slit his throat with a knife. It appears that he refused to give up his principle of sacrificing children to appease the demons.

But yes, Peter Ratri is dead and those kids can’t do anything to save him. But you know what, I think Peter has more than just serving the demons by sacrificing humans.

You see, he killed his own brother James Ratri because Peter feared that his brother wants to break the tradition of sacrificing humans to appease the demons.

But even if he’s committed to the noble cause of letting those children become fodder, Peter Ratri still regretted on murdering his own brother.

Then again, I don’t feel any empathy towards him cause the story has taken a drastic turn on this anime adaptation. Regardless, the head of the Lambda facility has been slain.

Of course, we’re not done yet ’cause Emma wants Isabella and the rest of the caretakers to join her as they want to go to the human world together.

But wait, is Emma suppose to antagonize Isabella where she’s responsible for letting Conny die at the hands of those demons?

However, it appears that the children forgive Isabella. I guess Emma doesn’t want any animosity among themselves.

One last thing, it’s time to say farewell to Vylk and Mujika as Emma won’t forget those days she and her fellow children spend their time with them.

Sure that they’re not imposing but I wonder if Sonju and Mujika still wants to crave on humans, especially when they’re raised in the wild? I guess they forgot about it.

And now, it’s time for the humans to head to the human world as Norman opened the gate.

Well then, looks like the children will have their first taste of freedom after being held captive in a maximum security orphanage for so long.

However, it appears that a few of them like Emma has decided to stay behind as they still want to rescue some children at the demon world.

Of course, Emma made a promise to Phil that she’ll see him again once she’s done saving the humans. Then again, I think it’s gonna take a long time for Emma and the rest to save some kids from being turned into meat.

For Phil however, it seems that he understands Emma’s mission to rescue other children, but his heart wants Emma to stay with him. You know what, I think that Phil will be reunited with Emma someday.

Now then, time for some montage as the children and their caretakers have finally arrived at the human world.

Sure that they’re welcomed by their fellow humans in which they’re staying in America, but this is the beginning of their new life.

Of course, while there’s still danger given that there are humans who will kill their own kind for fun, at least they won’t gonna get eaten by demons.

Meanwhile, Emma and her friends are continuing their mission on saving the children, although travelling across the demon world and rescuing kids would take many years.

However, there’s some good news as the demon nobility are already toppled thanks to Mujika and her followers.

Still, I really wish Cloverworks or Shueisha should have stick to the manga material rather than cutting some arcs and create an original ending. Alas, we’re never gonna get another season since the story is already over.

And now let’s end this series where a grown-up Phil has finally reunited with Emma and her friends. Isn’t it sweet?

But honestly though, I feel that with all the changes happened in Season 2, I think Season 1 is somewhat the superior one over the sequel ’cause that one will put you at the edge of your seat, whereas Season 2 is just trying to rush things in order to reach the ending.

With that said, I’ve finished watching the 2nd season of The Promised Neverland. Kinda of a bummer that the ending wasn’t satisfying that I hope for due to drastic changes.

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