Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Episode #12

Hey everyone, it’s Princess Flare Arlgrande Jioral where she told everyone to stop fighting as there’s no point of killing each other where both humans and demons should get along peacefully.

And when the soldiers from the Jioral Kingdom saw Princess Flare, they instantly lay down their arms because they believe on what the princess said to them.

But for Princess Norn Clatalissa Jioral, she doesn’t like it as the cruel princess told Trist Olgan to find its source and stop that impostor.

Then again, Princess Norn should prioritize her safety rather than finding the fake princess.

For you see, Keyaru or Keyarga is already here to get back at Princess Norn for not only ravaging his hometown Alban Village, but also Branica where Karman and other innocent civilians got killed by her petty justice.

Of course, Keyarga will have to face Hawkeye first where Trist Olgan is not only a skilled archer, but also can throw knives and wield swords.

Basically, Trist is equally-capable or potentially superior to both Blade and Bullet.

But speaking of Keyarga, looks like he receive a surprise attack from Trist Olgan where he blindsided Keyarga with a nasty kick.

Oh yeah, and Trist Olgan has a stiletto blade where it’s coated with poison. Thus, Hawkeye is capable of bringing down the Hero of Healing.

Except that Keyarga has resistance to poison, meaning that Trist failed to slow him down with his venom-tipped blade.

And speaking of Trist Olgan, looks like he’s about to experience a painful death as Keyarga used his healing powers to make him explode.

And really, Hawkeye didn’t stand a chance against the Hero of Healing. Gotta say that it’s a gruesome end to Princess Norn’s top soldier thanks to Keyarga.

Now, it’s time for Princess Norn to feel Keyarga’s wrath as she’s tied up to a chain and her clothes got ripped off.

Oh and you think that Princess Norn will be raped by Keyarga? Oh no, Keyarga wants to break her sanity in addition to her body.

So, Keyarga invited Princess Flare or should I say Freya as she become a bitch in heat.

Look at her heart-shaped pupils in her eyes, Freya wants to get fucked badly that Princess Norn is horrified!

Speaking of Princess Norn, looks like she’s gonna taste Keyarga’s penis and Freya’s wet vagina. She’s gonna lose it after a rough night with the Hero of Healing.

And there goes Princess Norn as she’s really fucked-up silly thanks to Keyarga. What a delightful sight to see this princess loses her mind.

Of course, he’s not done yet to the princess as Keyarga is gonna brainwash Princess Norn until she’s turned from an asshole into a submissive person. That’s what she get for killing innocent people!

Now then, here’s Kureha Krylet where she’s about to learn that Keyarga got a new member to his harem. Of course, Kureha is worried that Keyarga got killed in Branica but c’mon, he’s okay!

Anyways, Keyarga introduces his long-lost sister Ellen (which is Princess Norn by the way) to Kureha Krylet and man, he’s really horny today! Looks like it’s time for an orgy then…

And really, I really wish that this episode ends with an orgy where Keyarga fuck all of the girls. One lucky bastard he is!

With that said, looks like the girls are satisfied with Keyarga’s penis, although the Hero of Healing wants Eve Reese to join him.

And speaking of Eve Reese, this demon lord candidate really crave for his dick. Of course, Eve will have to get the Philosopher’s Stone and kill the current demon lord in order to become one in the future.

Well then, it’s time for Keyarga and his party to leave Branica but before he departs to another town, Keyarga pays a visit to Karman’s grave. Man, he really missed his dear friend!

On the other hand, the people around Branica thanked him for saving them as they gave Keyarga a sack full of gold or something valuable.

While he appreciates it, Keyarga is still bitter that the Jioral Kingdom continues their twisted way of justice against innocent people. Oh, and let’s not forget the abuse that befall to him in his previous life.

Speaking of the Jioral Kingdom, King Proum Jioral is really angry that he lost his daughters. Thus, he needs to call one specific hero to take down Keyaru.

Say hello to Bullet where the Gun Hero is doing his usual routine on jacking off to Keyaru’s wanted poster. Disgusting as fuck!

Then again, I feel that Keyarga’s revenge towards Bullet will be saved in future seasons. Speaking of a possible Season 2, it depends on the Blu-ray/light novel sales but I doubt it.

In any case, let’s end this show where Keyarga is greeted by his harem. You got Freya, Eve, Kureha, Setsuna, and Ellen waiting for the Hero of Healing.

And speaking of Keyarga, he’s plotting to kill Bullet at some point but we’ll never know when this hero will carry out his revenge. Seriously, Keyarga’s face tells it all that he’s gonna turn Jioral Kingdom into a literal hell on earth.

But that’s about it for Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi and sure that it doesn’t have stunning animation nor an engaging plot, but TNK did a great job of showing a no-holds barred anime where it shows gratuitous sex scenes aside from having a scumbag protagonist hell-bent on bringing the entire kingdom down due to their mistreatment towards him. C’mon, I like how this bad show is so good to watch when it doesn’t take it seriously for the most part, especially when Keyarga have sex with various girls.

While this is not the kind of show for overly-sensitive people but for those who are brave enough to watch the entire thing, I congratulate you for surviving 12 episodes of Keyarga’s quest for revenge. Now then, I’m hoping that no one will complain now that this anime series is over!

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