WIXOSS Diva(A)Live Episodes #11 & #12

Well then, let’s start this two-parter episode where Rei Sakigake and Akino Onko tries to help Hirana Asu.

But given that she got trashed in Episode 10, Hirana doesn’t want to play WIXOSS anymore. What a shame!

Of course, most of their rivals are worried that No Limit might no longer compete in Diva Battles, with both Uchuu no Hajimari and Diagram have a pep talk to Akino and Rei respectively.

Gotta say that they don’t want Hirana’s unit to drop out ’cause if they do that, most of the LRIGs in WIXOSS Land will eventually quit because they’re horrified on how No Limit got wrecked by Deus Ex Machina.

Meanwhile, here’s Hirana Asu where she went to Azami Yuki for a heart-to-heart talk. Sure that it’s sucks to lose but it doesn’t mean that she’ll always destined to take the fall.

Also, Azami-san told Hirana that she can start again ’cause her journey is not yet over. Of course, does Hirana Asu has another chance to take on Deus Ex Machina?

Speaking of Deus Ex Machina, it appears that the top diva unit easily defeated Card Jockey. At this point, no other diva unit can put up a challenge against Deus Ex Machina.

However, MC Lion and her crew doesn’t give up as they still want to fight despite the odds against them.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Card Jockey has a 0-162 record against Deus Ex Machina, although they don’t care about losses for as long as they continue to fight.

By the way, here’s Hirana where she witness another beating from Deus Ex Machina, although she’s puzzled on why Card Jockey refused to surrender.

Meanwhile, it appears that Hirana’s former teammates have arrived to cheer her up. But really, I think it’s time for Hirana to start over and fight the top diva unit again.

And so, Hirana Asu pick up her deck from the lake as she asked Rei Sakigake and Akino Onko to help her out on beating Deus Ex Machina.

Then again, I wonder if it’s too late to challenge the top diva unit in WIXOSS Land? You know what, I think Hirana and her friends will do something to get Ex’s attention.

Meanwhile, let’s focus on Deus Ex Machina’s manager named Mika Hongo where she got a call from a familiar friend.

Also, here’s Azami Yuki where she’s gonna meet someone in WIXOSS Land. You know something, I feel that she’s actually a powerful LRIG that disappeared a long time ago.

Anyways, turns out that both Azami and Mika (or Azalea and Michaela) are actually part of the legendary diva unit Mugen Shoujo. I guess the rumors are true after all.

But speaking of Michaela, it’s revealed that she wants to get rid all of the weaker units in WIXOSS Land since they can’t beat Deus Ex Machina.

However, Azalea doesn’t want that because there are some who refused to give up like No Limit for example. Then again, I feel that Azalea wants a world where everyone can have fun playing WIXOSS.

Oh and as for No Limit, it appears that they manage to get Deus Ex Machina’s attention… by hacking WIXOSS Land as they issue another challenge against the top diva unit. Good thing Hirana and her friends didn’t get banned for that stunt.

But now that they manage to issue a challenge against Deus Ex Machina, I think it’s time for Hirana Asu to rebuild her deck as Nana Nekozawa, Dr. Tamago, and Mujika Yotogi lend their strongest cards to Hirana.

For Hirana Asu, she appreciate their help but it’s not enough to beat Deus Ex Machina.

That’s until Azami Yuki lend her deck to Hirana Asu. Oh boy, I wonder if she’s gonna give her strongest card that made Mugen Shoujo famous? I guess we’ll find that out.

Well everyone, it’s time for a rematch as No Limit will try to beat Deus Ex Machina. Unlike last time, they got the support from their rivals.

As you can see, Hirana and her teammates got some cards from Diagram, Uchuu no Hajimari, and Card Jockey. Don’t know if it’s enough to tilt Ex and her teammates.

But you know what, I believe that Hirana and her friends will pull a miracle against Deus Ex Machina.

Of course, this is gonna be a drawn-out battle where Hirana will have to defend against Ex’s powerful attacks.

And speaking of Ex, she’s about to end this battle by destroying their life cloths until it’s gone. God, I’m really scared on what comes next!

Oh wait, looks like No Limit pulled a trap card against Deus Ex Machina. Man, that was a close call!

Well then, looks like No Limit managed to save themselves from Deus Ex Machina’s attack as Rei destroys their card. Of course, it’s not over yet!

For you see, No Limit pulled two powerful cards, Crimson Angelic Princess Zeusias and Holy Angel Aquila.

By the way, these cards belonged to the legendary diva unit Mugen Shoujo, meaning that Azami (or Azalea) helped Hirana on beating their greatest rival.

One more thing, it appears that the announcer Rie Kazami recognize those cards. Hm, could it be that she’s part of Mugen Shoujo as well?

With that said, it’s time for the final stretch where Deus Ex Machina unleashed a powerful attack… which it gives Ex some powered armor to clobber Hirana and her friends.

However, No Limit managed to fend off Ex’s powerful attack. I have to say that despite looking awesome, Ex’s powered armor doesn’t looked intimidating to me.

As for No Limit, it appears that they activate their Piece card as they’re gonna finish their opponents off.

Of course, this is not an ordinary Piece card as it’s actually a Master Piece. Okay, I don’t know how Hirana and her friends have access to a powerful card, but I bet that some unknown force chose No Limit to carry the spirit of playing WIXOSS for fun.

In any case, looks like this battle is about to end with a bang as everyone is watching these two diva units clash, including both Azalea and Michaela. Still, I wonder who won the battle once the dust has settled?

Well, it appears that Deus Ex Machina prevailed yet again as Hirana Asu is frustrated that they’re so close at winning it. Dammit, what a letdown!

On the other hand, looks like some of her classmates showed a WIXOSS magazine where it featured the latest diva battle between No Limit and Deus Ex Machina. Oh I bet that they’re gonna show No Limit’s devastating loss again.

Surprisingly, No Limit managed to win the hearts of Selectors on that day, meaning that everyone declared them as the people’s champ.

But seriously, I’m still salty that they lost against Deus Ex Machina in which they continued their winning streak. I think a certain diva unit should return to WIXOSS Land.

That’s right, I’m talking about Mugen Shoujo where they have an impromptu reunion with the arrival of Gabriela, Rie Kazami’s LRIG.

But seriously though, I think they should make a comeback since the Master Piece has chosen No Limit because of their unwavering courage to fight in the face of unwinnable odds.

Of course, I think J.C.Staff and Takara Tomy won’t make a sequel to WIXOSS Diva(A)Live, which is fine for me because it feels like a step down to the previous shows. I think it’s best to stick with the Selector and Lostorage series rather than making a completely-different show that bears the WIXOSS name.

But that’s the end of WIXOSS Diva(A)Live as Hirana and her friends will take on a new challenge, although I have to say that their story won’t be continued as I felt it boring in my opinion!

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