Alice in Deadly School

Now then, let’s talk about the special episode based on Alice in Theater’s famous stage play titled “Alice in Deadly School”.

Originally, this episode was aired on January 4, 2021 alongside the first episode of Gekidol, only the first half of Alice in Deadly School was shown. Fortunately, the entire special episode is released on March 3 as part of a Blu-ray box set where all 12 episodes of Gekidol are included. That’s right, the entire series is released before Gekidol ends its TV run.

But you know what, I’m getting out of topic here as it’s time to dive into Alice in Deadly School where we begin with the introduction of both Nobuko “Nobu” Momomura and Yuu Sumio from No Byuu, the manzai duo who will save the world with laughter. Then again, how will their brand of comedy save their fellow classmates when the world is filled with zombies?

Of course, it gets even worse when a camerawoman named Kiriko Tounuma is forced to capture Inari Kaihara’s final moments on camera. Unfortunately for Tounuma, she’s in danger of being bitten by a zombie.

Luckily, Yumiya Benishima arrived to save Kiriko from being attacked by a zombie. While it’s a close call for Tounuma, it’s sad that Kaihara-sempai is already dead.

Regardless, the only thing that they need to do right now is to not only survive, but also get out of the school as soon as possible ’cause staying there would endanger themselves both physically and mentally.

But anyways, the escape party is now assembled where in addition to No Byuu duo, Tounuma, and Benishima, the party consists of student council president Kazuma Aoike and her assistant Shizuka Murasaki, Kaoru Ikari and Asayo Takamori from the softball club, Megumi Kiichi, and Iori Hikami.

Speaking of Hikami, she and her surviving members of the science club are developing a bomb that would break through the gate. Then again, I’m worried that their bomb might be a dud.

But let’s go back to both Nobuko Momomura and Yuu Sumio where they try to find other survivors like Yukifumi Shigemoto, although it’ll be bad if they got caught by zombies.

By the way, Yuu Sumio claimed that she’s a weirdo and while she has Kazuma Aoike and Nobuko Momomura as her friends, I think her character is a mystery to me.

Unfortunately for both Nobu and Yuu, it appears that they’re too late as Yukifumi Shigemoto has become a zombie and it’s about to attack Sumio.

That’s until Momomura saved her friend from being bitten by delivering a knee to Shigemoto’s face.

Of course, Nobuko is in trouble as a zombified Yukifumi grabbed her neck. I have a feeling that she’s gonna get bitten.

Fortunately, one of the soldiers managed to shoot Yukifumi to the head, thus they save Nobu from becoming a zombie. Glad that the army has arrived to save the students.

However, it appears that the zombie horde attacked the helicopter crew, meaning that the survivors lost their only way to get out of the school building.

Well, there goes the helicopter as they only way to get out of the building is to blow up the gate. Unfortunately, there’s more drama ahead.

You see, there’s Kaoru Ikari who hated Yumiya Benishima for ruining their chances on qualifying the national tournament due to her smoking habits. Okay, that came out of left field.

But speaking of Benishima, the reason why she smoke is because of the stress that was given to her as team captain.

While Asayo Takamori managed to cover her, it was eventually exposed which is why Kaoru hated Yumiya ever since. But you know what, there’s no need to fight as they need to get out of the school as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, it appears that Nobuko Momomura is getting weaker that she wants to stay at the rooftop for a bit and wait for someone to rescue her along with Yuu Sumio.

Hmm, I have a feeling that Nobu is losing energy as she haven’t eaten a meal, or that she got bitten by a zombie which is the worst thing that would happen to her.

But anyways, it’s time for the survivors to make their escape. While Nobu and Yuu stayed behind, one particular student decided to stay inside the building.

Turns out that student council president Kazuma Aoike choose to stay as she went to the PA room in order to call all surviving students. Then again, I don’t know if those survivors will hear her.

Meanwhile, it appears that Iori Hikami and her buddies managed to create a bomb. Unfortunately, the science club has turned into zombies so whoever gets the bomb will have to kill Hikami and her friends.

But there’s more bad news as both Megumi Kiichi and Kiriko Tounuma were killed by zombies. Man, I’m worried that no one would get out alive.

But let’s move onto Yumiya Benishima where she and her friends have arrived at the gate, although Benishima is shocked that someone has the bomb.

Turns out that Asayo Takamori got the bomb from Iori Hikami. Unfortunately, there’s no time to set up the bomb as Takamori told Benishima to throw the lighter at her.

With that said, Yumiya Benishima throws the lighter towards Asayo Takamori, although I’m scared that Takamori won’t retrieve it since Benishima is out of the softball club for a long time.

Fortunately, Asayo managed to grab the lighter from Yumiya. However, it appears that she’ll have to sacrifice her life in order to save Benishima and the remaining survivors.

And so, Asayo Takamori light up the bomb in which it killed her along with the surrounding zombies near the gate. That’s really unfortunate.

With that said, the surviving students got out of school as Kaoru Ikari, Yumiya Benishima, and Shizuka Murasaki are heading to the mall. Then again, I fear that the trio might not survive going there.

But as for Kazuma Aoike, it looks like she’ll perform one last song as it’s revealed that she wants to become an idol someday.

Of course, the saddest part is that she’ll become a zombie soon enough, but that’s okay for Aoike as she’s prepared for it.

One last thing, let’s return to Yuu Sumio where she’s all alone as her friend Nobuko Momomura is nowhere to be found.

Some say that Nobu committed suicide since she doesn’t want to suffer anymore, or it’s all just a dream created by Yuu where I suspect that Sumio was killed as well.

Fortunately, Yuu found Nobu in which she told her friend that the spirit of No Byuu will live in her heart. I have a bad feeling that Momomura is already dead.

With that said, it appears that Yuu Sumio will have to live by herself now that her partner is gone. Of course, where is Nobu’s body?

Well, Yuu finally found her corpse but sadly, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to Sumio as this special ends on an ambiguous note. Some say that she managed to escape the school, but I doubt that she’ll survive because the zombies have encroach the school building.

Now then, I have to say that Hoods Entertainment should have created a special with more than 1 hour worth of content as I can’t put some sympathy towards the characters. While Yumiya got a bit close of being an interesting character due to her history with the softball club, most of them are not interesting which includes the main heroines Nobuko and Yuu.

Aside from its length issues which it affects character development, I’m disappointed that this special has an ambiguous ending in which I have no idea if the characters survive or they got killed in the end. With that said, I wish Alice in Deadly School should have expanded further rather than being a compressed anime adaptation of Alice in Theater’s stage play.

But now that the anime series is finally over, I think I should really check out the Gekidol stage play if there’s a subbed version of it.

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  1. mk says:

    I actually wanted to watch this before the anime season started, thinking it was gonna be a standalone series but then kinda gave up when i realized its actually a single special episode for an idol anime

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