Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! Episode #02

Well everyone, here’s Alice Kisaragi where she showed some potential candidates to Combat Agent No. 6. C’mon, they need some able-bodied soldiers to defend the kingdom from demons.

But let’s start with Rose, a chimera who has “fourteen sick” syndrome on chuunibyou. Come to think of it, I wonder if her creator is that eccentric man from Konosuba?

Of course, Rose is actually quite polite considering that she’s a chimera who gets stronger by eating various beasts.

And then there’s Grimm, the Archbishop of Zenarith who’s bound to a wheelchair because her legs are cursed. Of course, Grimm can inflict curses on everyone, especially couples.

Unfortunately, No. 6 doesn’t give a shit about curses as he flips Grimm’s skirt, which not only revealed her sexy underwear but he gained evil points. Okay, that was petty!

Oh yeah, here’s Snow where she remind everyone that she’s the party leader and she wants everyone to listen to her commands.

Unfortunately, No. 6 doesn’t give a shit towards Snow as he grabs her tits, which resulted in earning evil points. God, No. 6 is acting like a raunchy brat!

Well then, it’s time for some action as Alice Kisaragi uses her trusty shotgun to take on the demon army by cutting off their supply chain.

All I can say is that her shotgun is super-effective against goblins. But anyways, looks like they’re gonna cut off the demons’ supply line.

Meanwhile, it appears that one of the leaders named Heine of the Flame have arrived to stop No. 6 and his party. C’mon, she doesn’t want the supply chain getting cut off.

But speaking of No. 6, it appears that he wants to take pictures of this leader-class demon. Come to think of it, her outfit reminds me of those bosses from the Kisaragi Corporation.

Of course, Heine doesn’t want to play around as she unleashes a fire attack on Combat Agent No. 6. I think he should get serious on fighting demons.

Well, the only one who’s capable of fighting demons is Alice Kisaragi and her trusty shotgun.

By the way, she used Anti-Megabeast Rounds to kill Heine’s gryphon but it appears that Alice is stuck behind a wall.

Now let’s focus on Grimm as it turns out that she went inside a cave because Grimm doesn’t like the sun.

I guess this archbishop is acting like a vampire but more importantly, Grimm has some unwanted guest.

Unfortunately, this unwanted guest clobbered Grimm with a metal bat. OMG, that demon killed Grimm!

Anyways, it appears that Heine got some reinforcements as this demon introduced himself as Gadalkand of the Earth, one of the leaders of the demon army in which he’s gonna kill everyone much like he did towards Grimm.

And when No. 6 heard that Grimm was killed by Gadalkand, he’s really angry that this combat agent got serious on beating the shit out of this demon.

But not today though as Gadalkand of the Earth was called by one of his subordinates where they needs his assistance. It appears that the demon army is being pushed back.

With that said, Gadalkand along with Heine have fled the scene ’cause they have other things to deal with.

Gotta say that No. 6 is really mad right now but more importantly, he needs to revive Grimm.

Fortunately, Snow found an altar where Zenarith will take care of reviving Grimm. Of course, they need to offer sentimental items in order for her revival to work.

And after many hours of praying, Grimm is revived as No. 6 is delighted to see her alive. Then again, she no longer has her wheelchair.

Luckily, No. 6 used his evil points to buy her a brand-new wheelchair. I guess all of his boob-grabbing and lifting skirts have finally paid off.

But anyways, looks like No. 6 and Grimm are having fun breaking off couples by running over them. They sure want those normies to get blasted away.

Unfortunately, they encountered this cop who told both Grimm and No. 6 not to run over civilians. Of course, they don’t give a shit towards the police.

Even moreso with Grimm where she learned that this cop has a boyfriend, therefore Grimm kick the cop to the chin because this normie deserves it.

Except that Grimm hurt her toe upon kicking the cop. I have a feeling that the curse is acting up on her legs again, hence Grimm got hurt real bad.

Anyways, tune in next time and let’s hope that No. 6 and his ragtag group of combatants can push the demon army away. Then again, only Alice will save the day!

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