Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara Episode #02

Let’s continue from the previous episode where Hiroshi Yuuki (or Hiro) has suddenly become a criminal after accidentally killing Martin in Kiwame Quest.

Now, Hiro needs to buy some clothes in order to hide himself from the city guards as they’re currently hunting him down.

Of course, he needs to pay 25 gald rather than 15 gald from this merchant, otherwise he’ll call the authorities and arrest him. Man, everywhere he goes, Hiro is being mugged by everybody.

Even Hiro found it absurd that he’s being threatened by a merchant if he didn’t pay up, therefore Hiro wants to start over or he’ll sue Reona for selling him a shitty full dive RPG game.

Of course, he can’t do that because the only way to start a brand-new save is to buy a VR console, which costs around 90,000 yen. Oh, and suing Reona won’t do any favors but anyway, she told Hiro to find a player named Ginji where he might help him on getting out the closed city of Ted and finish the game.

Unfortunately, finding Ginji would be very difficult because of a certain NPC who’s out for blood… literally.

Anyways, here’s Alicia where she becomes full yangire mode, ready to slice Hiro at anytime with her fruit knife. God, he’s screwed!

Well then, I guess it’s time for Hiro to run away from Alicia because there’s no way he can defend himself from being stabbed.

Sadly for him, it looks like Alicia slashed Hiro’s hand where he experienced excruciating pain. C’mon, this is a full dive RPG after all.

Good thing Reona is here by his side as this helper fairy distracts Alicia until Hiro can finally log out.

But anyways, I have to say that it was a horrifying experience for Hiro as he wants to play another game rather that sticking to Kiwame Quest. If Hiro is playing Sword Art Online, he’ll be dead right now.

Oh by the way, he can’t buy another game because Hiroshi doesn’t have enough money. Would it be better if he gets a part time job or return to athletics?

Speaking of his former passion, his sister Kaede is disappointed towards Hiroshi as she really wants her brother to take track and field again, rather than play video games all day.

I wonder how did Hiroshi Yuuki quit athletics? Did he made an embarrassing stunt that destroys his self-esteem? Damn, he should get his act together!

Anyways, he returns to playing Kiwame Quest where Hiro’s hand is still bleeding. Good thing he has a herb to heal his hand.

Except that Hiro can’t use it automatically just by touching the herb. Man, this game really strives for ultra-realism that it’s really inconvenient for casual players.

Luckily, this player showed up where he revealed himself as Ginji. Wait, this guy is the one Reona mentioned before?

Anyways, Ginji put some herb on Hiro’s hand and tie it up with some bandages in order to stop the bleeding. Seriously, I can’t believe that this fatso is Ginji.

With that said, Ginji invited Hiro to the casino where it’s revealed that he’s playing Kiwame Quest for 10 years, although he’s too old and fat to finish the game as Ginji spends his time drinking booze and gamble at the casino.

Oh yeah, there’s one player who cleared Kiwame Quest which goes by the name of Kamui. Unfortunately, none of the players followed Kamui’s footsteps as they quit playing Kiwame Quest. Anyways, Ginji will help Hiro out on clearing Kiwame Quest.

Except that he decided to be an asshole as Ginji blows Hiro’s cover. Oh by the way, it’s revealed that he intentionally killed his childhood friend with a sleeper hold and earned the title of “Not Human: Heartless”.

But seriously, looks like Hiro is having a string of bad luck right now as he got betrayed by a fellow player. Man, I feel that he might quit playing Kiwame Quest altogether on the next episode.

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