Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω Episode #02

On this episode, Diablo and his party are heading to Zircon Tower City where they’re tasked on bringing Lumachina Weselia to Batutta.

Then again, going to Zircon Tower City on a land boat will be one hell of a bumpy ride, especially Rem Galleu where she’s having motion sickness.

But anyways, they arrive at Zircon Tower City where it’s not so lively. In fact, everyone is living in poverty.

I smell some mismanagement, or it’s just that the nobles took their money from the poor in order to live their life in luxury.

In any case, it’s sucks that the people at Zircon, especially demi-humans, are suffering. By the way, isn’t that Pekora from Hololive over there?

Well then, it’s time for the head priest to see Batutta as Lumachina asked one of the paladins on where the captain is. I mean, she’s asking him in a polite way.

Unfortunately, this guy is very rude where he decides to punch Lumachina to the face. What an asshole response to this paladin.

But don’t worry though as Diablo will punish him using his dark magic. Well, he shouldn’t raise his fist towards a lady.

And as you can see, this paladin couldn’t stand a chance against Diablo. Still, looks like he and his party will have to find the captain the hard way.

Meanwhile, it appears that this lady is asking for help as her baby is suffering a disease that she wants a miracle.

Problem is that she have to queue up in order to receive blessing from a priest. Of course, she needs to pay a large sum of money which is very absurd in my opinion.

With that said, this baby is afflicted with the Death Knell Disease where he might die once all 9 marks are shown from his skin.

Fortunately, Lumachina Weselia decided to save the child by praying to God. C’mon, she’s the head priest after all but will her blessing work?

Turns out that Lumachina’s blessing actually cured the baby from the Death Knell Disease. As you can see, the marks are gone from this child.

I’m glad that Lumachina saved the child from death, although I realized that the Church of Celestials want her killed because of her miracle.

Now then, it appears that Zircon is in danger of being run over by a sand whale. Man, that monster is so massive that it takes a powerful magic to take it down.

Well, looks like a job for Diablo as the self-proclaimed demon lord throws every dark magic at this sand whale. Then again, it’s not enough to take this monster down.

Not until someone casts a powerful lightning magic, plus a flurry of explosive magic that was fired from the tower.

With that said, the sand whale is defeated but who stole Diablo’s thunder?

Well, it’s none other than that captain of the paladin brigade as Batutta is arrived when he heard that the head priest is in Zircon Tower City.

While it’s nice that the paladin captain assisted Diablo, I feel that I have to be cautious towards Batutta. More importantly, who’s the other sorcerer?

Well, it appears that the sorcerer has finally showed up, although it seems that this person is floating in mid-air.

Anyways, this is Farnis Lamnites who is the feudal lord of Zircon Tower City. Oh yeah, she’s wielding a magi-gun in which Farnis can cast magic from longer distances.

In any case, Farnis is finding a sorcerer who casts multiple dark magic at the sand whale. Oh boy, is she talking about Diablo? I hope Farnis won’t find out.

Afterwards, it’s time for Batutta to take Lumachina and her companions to his mansion, although the head priest is horrified to what she saw on the streets.

But as you can see, it’s a long line of pilgrims who want to receive blessing from God, although they have to pay for the church’s service.

By the way, you notice that the people are lining up to a tent. Turns out that Farnis Lamnites shut down the church as she doesn’t trust them. Well, I have to say that Farnis don’t like the Church of Celestials so much, especially their corrupted ways.

But anyways, let’s end this episode where Diablo is having his back scrubbed by Shera L. Greenwood, using her breasts no less.

While Diablo is completely frozen thanks to Shera’s naked body, I’m worried about next week’s episode ’cause Batutta will do something horrible to Lumachina.

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