Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! Episode #04

Here’s Combat Agent No. 6 and his ragtag group of soldiers where they’re about to fight the demon army head-on, although it would be best if those grunts will take care of the lesser demons because No. 6 and Snow should take care of Heine of the Flame.

And speaking of Heine, she brought a golem in which this demon general will test it out against those grunt human soldiers.

Of course, it would be better if Alice Kisaragi uses her shotgun, but it’s currently being repaired by a gunsmith.

Now then, here’s Snow where she’s gonna take on Heine with her glacial sword Iceberg. Not sure it’ll be effective against a demon general that controls fire.

Well then, it’s time for Combat Agent No. 6 to pull out his handgun and fire against the golem, although he should have equipped with armor-piercing or explosive rounds.

If that’s the case, No. 6 will have to punch the golem with his bare hands in which it made a dent on it. Well, it’s all thanks to those bullets that were buried in the golem’s tough skin.

Unfortunately, No. 6 broke his hands that he should have bought gloves using his evil points. Then again, he spends those evil points on porn magazines.

Meanwhile, Alice Kisaragi will try to buy a C4 explosive to destroy the golem, but it’ll take some time so No. 6 will have to hold it out for now.

But this gives this combat agent the opportunity to release the limiters of his suit so he can lift the golem for 1 minute. Oh I hope Alice bought that C4.

Well, there she is as Alice Kisaragi bought the C4 and planted the bomb onto the golem, although Alice would detonate it right away if she wants to be sadistic towards No. 6.

And now, it’s time for No. 6 to throw the golem towards the sky as Alice activates the C4 to destroy it. Well, there goes Heine’s golem.

Sadly, the combat agent can’t use his suit since it needs to cool down first… for 3 minutes.

Also, here’s Snow where her glacial blade Iceberg got wrecked by Heine’s fire magic as she doesn’t have enough money to fix it.

Oh yeah, here’s Heine of the Flame as she’s about to unleash a powerful fire magic that would obliterate the combat agent and his team.

Honestly, Snow should have taken care of that demon general easily if it wasn’t for her glacial sword being melted by fire.

However, Heine’s body got frozen by some curse that she’s very vulnerable against No. 6’s attacks once his suit has cooled down.

Oh yeah, it appears that Grimm has decided to be useful for once as she curses the demon general thanks to the power of Zenarith.

Looks like Heine of the Flame is begging for mercy that she offered No. 6 to join the demon army in exchange for having sex with vampires, succubi, and other sexy monsters.

And sure enough, he’s all ears towards Heine’s proposal. Man, No. 6 can’t say no when there’s sexy ladies involved since he’s all work and no pleasure.

So while he’s about to betray his comrades in favor of getting laid with various monster girls, Snow attacked Heine with a knife. Well, her backup weapon is useful over her glacial sword.

However, it seems that Snow took out Heine’s red gem in which Alice grab a hold of it.

Turns out that it’s actually magicite where it empowers the demon’s abilities so without it, Heine is powerless.

And speaking of Heine, she’s in big trouble that the demon general is begging for Alice to give the magicite back to her. I mean, she’s useless without it.

Then again, I don’t expect Alice and No. 6 to show some mercy because these two will do anything to humiliate Heine of the Flame. After all, they came from an evil organization.

Anyways, they decided to make Heine into a gravure model where this demon general is doing sexy poses in front of the camera.

Oh yeah, Combat Agent No. 6 is taking pictures of Heine in which he earns evil points for it. Of course, I wish he would print those pictures and distribute them for extra evil points.

Unfortunately, Heine couldn’t handle the humiliation that she decides to run away.

Of course, she’ll be back though once Heine got another magicite but anyways, the Kingdom of Grace has won the battle.

And everyone is having a blast where they drink beer all night, although Snow doesn’t like the combat agent because of his underhand tactics, not to mention that No. 6 mocks her for being useless.

Oh by the way, Snow will have to pay for repairing Iceberg where it costs a fortune. Still, it’s sucks that Snow is being the laughingstock on this episode that she’s really jealous towards No. 6.

And that’s where Mr. Evil Strategist comes into play as he plans to take down No. 6 and his friends by framing him as a traitor.

Man, I have to say that it took long enough for this bad guy to make his move after being mocked by the combat agent for so long.

Well then, it’s time for No. 6 to take it a rest as tomorrow will be another hard day. Of course, I’m hoping that no one will reveal that he’s a spy from Kisaragi Corporation whose task is to conquer various planets.

On second thought, it appears that Snow heard No. 6’s ramblings that he should have keep his mouth shut.

Man, I have a feeling that the combat agent and his android will be executed on the next episode. Damn you sleazy strategist!

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