Super Cub Episode #04

Let’s start this episode where Koguma went to Shino’s motorcycle dealership where she took her Super Cub for maintenance like changing oil. Of course, she can do it by herself every time her bike reaches 1000 km.

With that said, Koguma got a part-time job in which she delivers documents from Mukawa High School to Kofu Daiichi Prefectural High School and vice-versa.

Sure that it’s a simple job given that she has a bike to deliver documents safely, Koguma faces various challenges in addition to maintaining her Super Cub to working condition.

For example, she has to worry about rain in which Koguma will get soaked pretty hard. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that Koguma might get caught in an accident if she’s not careful.

Still, the teaching staff from Kofu Daiichi are really worried that their courier got drenched in the rain. But hey, at least the documents are safely delivered as she kept it inside the box.

Fortunately, Koguma bought a raincoat in which she won’t get drenched in the rain. Still, she needs to be careful when riding on slippery roads as Koguma will have to do this part-time job every day.

Now then, it’s time for Koguma to change the oil by herself, although she needs a little persuasion in order to open the drain cap with a wrench and a kick.

Fortunately, Koguma managed to loosen the cap that she can open it with her hands. Still, she needs to be careful ’cause the oil is very hot.

Anyways, I’m glad that Koguma is learning how to fix her Super Cub by herself. I mean, taking her bike for repairs costs money after all.

With that said, it’s time for Koguma to receive her paycheck from her teacher after delivering documents every day. I’m hoping that it’s enough for her to buy food and other necessary items.

Still, I feel that Koguma will spend her hard-earned cash on doing something different… like a road trip with Reiko.

But you know what, we’ll see Koguma’s plan on the next episode as I feel that she wants to take her Super Cub to greater heights.

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