Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω Episode #04

Oh boy, it seems that Diablo won’t rest after his tough battle against Batutta as the demon lord from another world will face Farnis Lamnites as she suspected Diablo of being the demon lord that Varakness mentioned before.

Um Farnis, you got the wrong person and also, I think Diablo should take care of Varakness since he’s about to capture you as his wife.

But here’s Lumachina Weselia where she prove to Farnis Lamnites that Diablo is planning to save her life from the Death Knell Disease.

Oh yeah, and here’s the proof that Lumachina is not joking around, although she showed her white panties in front of the feudal lord.

Of course, Farnis would assume that Diablo casts the Death Knell Disease on the head priest but the truth is that the treacherous paladin captain did it.

But that doesn’t matter for the feudal lord as Farnis Lamnites ordered her soldiers to fire at Diablo. C’mon, she sees Diablo as the demon lord even though he’s just a strong Cross Reverie player with awkward social skills.

Well then, looks like Diablo will have to get out of here as he shake the ground with his Earth Bounce magic. Would it be better if it’s named Earthquake rather than Earth Bounce?

But as you can see, the demon lord from another world managed to get out of a sticky situation by letting these soldiers tumble to the ground. Now then, let’s go to the dungeon!

And here it is as this dungeon contains a treasure that would cure the Death Knell Disease. However, here’s the thing though as Diablo modified the dungeon back in Cross Reverie.

Basically, he knows mostly the layout of the dungeon except the first section which is the labyrinth as seen here.

Speaking of labyrinths, this one changes the layout meaning that Horn’s map is pretty much useless. Sorry Horn, but this dungeon in Zircon City is really punishing to navigate.

Well then, time for the demon lord to show his stuff as he’ll just destroy walls just like Nanoha Takamachi.

And really, creating holes towards these walls is easier than getting lost in the labyrinth. But that’s about it for the first portion.

But as they go deeper into the dungeon, it gets even weirder when a pack of White Jägers are waiting to pounce the intruders. So what will Diablo and his party do?

Well, do an idol performance of course as Diablo created this section before in order to trap female players and forcing them to sing and dance for their lives.

Then again, looks like the demon lord joined the party too since he has to clear his own trap.

In any case, the White Jägers are really riled up with their idol performance that they become wotageis. I mean, they used crystals as penlights for goodness sake!

Anyways, Diablo and his party have cleared this section as they press forward.

However, they encountered various worm monsters in which he didn’t made them in the first place. Looks like someone summoned these Flying and Trap Worms!

And it turns out that those worm monsters were summoned by Gewalt in which the paladin has returned to kill Lumachina Weselia.

Okay, Diablo should have froze Gewalt to death in the first episode instead of reappearing on this dungeon.

Luckily, Horn jump right in and save Lumachina by pushing Gewalt towards the cliff. That was brave from this dungeon guide!

Unfortunately, both Horn and Gewalt went down to the river. While I won’t forget Horn’s bravery, it’s sucks that the demon lord can’t move deeper into the dungeon that he created without his guide.

Well then, looks like Diablo will have to save Horn from being drowned. Of course, given that Gewalt is still around where he plans to kill the head priest, I think the demon lord will have to put the rogue paladin for good.

In any case, tune in next time as time is running out for Lumachina Weselia.

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