Super Cub Episode #07

Well you look at that, Reiko managed to buy a Hunter Cub in which this Super Cub derivative outputs 110 horsepower and it can handle off-road, perfect for climbing mountains.

Sadly, Reiko is out of cash in which she can’t buy new equipment like gloves. As you can see, there’s a hole in her glove in which Reiko’s index finger is exposed.

Well then, looks like she’ll have to save some money to buy new gloves at UpGarage. For now, Mukawa High School will have their school festival soon as students are scrambling to make their stalls and attractions.

However, the team who are tasked to host a coffee bar has run into some problems as the car can’t pick up the equipment.

Oh and here’s the thing though as the tableware and the expresso machine must be delivered from Kofu Daiichi Prefectural High School to Mukawa High School within today. Looks like it’s time for Koguma and Reiko to help them out.

But first, Koguma will have to borrow a trailer since they’re gonna carry some heavy and delicate equipment, although Koguma’s Super Cub won’t do the job.

On the other hand, Reiko brought a rack in which very useful for carrying an espresso machine or even cups.

I mean, look at those dampeners on this delivery rig as it can absorb the slightest shocks. All I can say that it’s over-engineered.

But anyways, it’s time to venture out to Kofu Daiichi Prefectural High School and get the equipment for the school festival.

Oh yeah, looks like the teacher from Kofu Daiichi is surprised to see Koguma again, although she has a companion this time around.

But anyways, Koguma and Reiko will be carrying the equipment back to Mukawa High School.

And really, the teacher is surprised that the girls are using Super Cubs to carry them around. Wait, is she planning to get a Super Cub in the future?

In any case, the girls managed to deliver the equipment safely, which means that they finished setting up the coffee bar in time for the festival.

As for the girls, they’ll be paid by the teaching staff for the fuel since Koguma and Reiko to a long trip to Kofu Daiichi Prefectural High School and back.

One last thing, here’s Shii Eniwa or Shii-chan for short in which she thanked both Koguma and Reiko for helping her and the rest of the team for delivering the equipment.

In fact, she’s impressed with the girls’ efforts that Shii-chan gave them cups of coffee as a reward.

Oh and another thing, Shii-chan is planning to buy a Super Cub on her own. Then again, the problem is that she’s not good at riding bicycles, let alone motorbikes.

But you know what, if Shii-chan can learn and persevere on riding a bike, she might join Koguma and Reiko on various road trips with their Super Cubs.

In any case, that’s about it for this episode and I’m glad that these two girls help their fellow classmates on saving the school festival. Well, not the entire thing of course. Until next time…

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