Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω Episode #06

Oh boy, looks like Zircon City has turned into a battlefield as Farnis Lamnites and her men are trying their best to destroy Varakness’ Fallen forces.

But speaking of Farnis, the feudal lord of Zircon City managed to shoot Varakness’ heart at point-blank range. Well then, that was quick!

Except that one of Varakness’ wives has the power to revive him. So yeah, they’re not just trophy wives as they’re actually useful!

In any case, Varakness and his army are winning as Farnis Lamnites and her army are being wiped out as we speak.

And speaking of Farnis, she’s about to die soon enough rather than being captured by a Fallen general as one of Varakness’ wives sneak up on her and create nasty holes on her stomach.

Fortunately, Farnis and her army was saved by lightning. Looks like someone managed to save them in the nick of time.

Anyways, Diablo has arrived where he and his companions managed to save Lumachina Weselia from the Death Knell Disease, as well as getting some powerful equipment from the dungeon.

And speaking of new equipment, here’s Rem Galleu where despite wearing skimpy clothing, her magic powers got stronger in which Rem can summon powerful monsters.

With that said, looks like the Fallen don’t stand a chance against Diablo and his companions. Now all that’s left is Varakness and his harem.

But speaking of Varakness, he has the gall of kissing one of his wives in the middle of a battle. What a pretty scumbag move there!

Of course, that ticks Diablo off because for one thing, he absolutely hates normie couples to the point that he kills them back in his Cross Reverie days. Well, looks like this general is history.

Anyways, let’s start by killing off Varakness’ wives and as you can see, this banshee got a taste of her rocks as Diablo reflected the attack back to her.

Oh, and sneaking up to the demon lord from another world using shadow magic? Diablo can sense that and freeze her to death with Absolute Zero.

And now, it’s time for Diablo to cast Flame Burst to the mermaid in which she’s instantly vaporized. Looks like all of Varakness’ wives are dead.

Of course, this Fallen general is really angry that he lost his wives thanks to Diablo as Varakness resorts to punching the demon lord from another world.

Unfortunately, Diablo proved to be the strongest being in this world where he just used illusion magic to dodge Varakness’ attacks.

Oh and it gets worse to the Fallen general when Diablo pulls out his sword to cut Varakness’ arms. Well, there goes Varakness and his dream of making a big harem!

And so, Diablo killed Varakness where this Fallen general didn’t stand a chance.

Oh, and not to mention that he pissed Diablo off for showing-off his harem, meaning that Varakness deserved to be killed.

Now then, it’s time to celebrate as Zircon City is finally saved from being turned into a wasteland. Um Farnis, are you gonna share the meal to those poor people?

Of course, Diablo still acts like a stoic demon lord as he can’t talk to anyone normally. By the way, where’s Horn?

Oh, it looks like she’s being beaten up by thugs who wants to steal her money, but Horn doesn’t have one.

Furthermore, they mock Diablo and his companions for hiding under a desk where the truth is they save the city, something which Horn won’t forgive them. Still, Horn is gonna get killed by those goons.

Well, that’s until Diablo shows up in which the demon lord from another world won’t stand seeing Horn getting beaten up by thugs. Also, Diablo will prove to these bozos that he’s the strongest of all.

But yes, these thugs didn’t stand a chance against Diablo. Oh I bet they’re the ones who hide under the desk when Varakness and his army shows up. What pathetic scumbags they are!

In any case, I have to say that Horn is part of Diablo’s party as he doesn’t want anyone to bully her ever again for as long as the demon lord lives. See, he really cares about his companions despite being awkward.

But anyways, I think it’s time to return to Faltra City on the next episode as Diablo and his party will need to escort the high priest to the Church of Celestials and possibly beat the shit of out those corrupted cardinals.

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